Your Turn

[Nov 2016] When I saw this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt, I immediately remembered this story…it’s an old one, but I hope you enjoy it!


It’s your breasts that I can picture most clearly when I think about that night. The way they swayed gently from side-to-side, glistening with sweat, despite the breeze blowing through your open window. The deep red flush that disappeared down into your cleavage, signposting the orgasms you’d already had by the time I pushed open our bedroom door to find you there on our bed, spread out on all fours with his cock buried deep inside you. You heard me gasp with surprise, and as you raised your head, your nipples lifted to point right at me, hard and pink with pleasure. You smiled in that lazy, feline way that always tore at my heart, happy to catch me off-guard like this, and beckoned me over; taking my head between your hands, you pulled it down between your tits till my lips were pressed against your warm skin and I could taste you, taste him, and taste the night still to come.

You’d taken the initiative, you see, like you promised you would. We were meant to have dinner first, and I was going to shower – the office is always something I want to wash off me, even on a normal day – but you couldn’t wait: you had to have him. For a week I’d seen and felt you getting wet for him, with every photo he sent, and every fantasy I whispered into your ear at night. You wanted his cock, in your mouth and your cunt, and you weren’t shy about telling me; I could hear the hunger in your voice, the lust whenever you thought about having it inside you. This was your way of showing me for real. Not just that, but taking back some of the power at the same time; showing that you were not only going to own him, but, for one night at least, to own me in the process.

We’d found him online, just another horny fucktoy in search of someone to play with him. Now he was here, in our room, almost shimmering with life and sexual energy. As you pulled off my clothes with fingers made clumsy by the heat between your legs, I studied him carefully, amazed at how assured and cool he seemed, even with your tight cunt wrapped gloriously around his cock, squeezing it as you squeezed mine every night. His hands on your hips looked almost delicate, but there was power there too, in the way his fingers dug into your skin and kept you still, and in the taut thigh muscles braced against your ass at the end of every long, firm stroke. In contrast, there was no ceremony or control to your actions, just an urgent need to have more: more sensation, more intensity, more of the almost overwhelmingly physical contact that the animal inside you craved. Your nails clawed at my skin, and even as you grabbed hard at my boxers with one hand, yanking them down for me to step out of, your mouth was already starting to swallow my cock.

I closed my eyes for a moment and just let you suck me, knowing that to push fingers through your hair and guide your movements would be to rob you of the control that you were fighting to establish. We’d talked many times about how the night would go, and I knew how badly, how greedily, you wanted free rein to explore your desires, wherever they might take us; that knowledge alone was enough to make me want to give it to you.

Your lips suddenly locked tight around my cock and a low growl seemed almost to vibrate along its length. I looked up and made eye contact with him for the first time, and realised from the look on his face that your cunt was squeezing him in the same way as another orgasm pulsed through your body. You pushed me back, a string of saliva and pre-come linking my cock to your mouth as you released me, only to be smeared over your cheeks when you rubbed the swollen head against your face and across your lips, like you were trying to draw the heat and smell of my arousal into your skin. “The chair”, you said. “Get on the chair – I want you to see it all. Don’t move, don’t touch and don’t talk. Just watch.”

I almost fell down onto the old wooden chair you kept by the dresser, my legs rendered uncooperative by lust and unmet need. You swivelled round and sat up on the bed, his cock bouncing out of you with a wet, popping sound. I couldn’t help staring at how hard he was, and how substantial he seemed, even compared to his photos; when you wrapped a hand around him and started slowly pumping your fist up and down, your fingers and thumb failed to meet, and it took a second hand on top of the first before only the head poked out each time you slid down to the base. As your movements slowed, he leaned in and nuzzled the dip above your collarbone, then took one of your hard nipples between his teeth, your bodies moving closer and closer together. You eased him down, his mouth reluctant to leave your tits, but understanding that you needed more – understanding that as long as he was here, your cunt wouldn’t stop craving him. He lay back, supporting himself on his elbows and you straddled him, tilting your hips and holding his cock against you, so you could flick your clit back and forth over the tip. You blew me a kiss and looked down between my legs, smiling at how hard I was. When you spoke, it was only the tremble in your voice that betrayed the extent of your arousal, and the battle you were fighting to maintain control of yourself: “can you see how big he is, baby? How much he stretches my tight little cunt every time he fills me? I want you to watch me fuck him now – watch me use his long, thick cock to make myself come.”

When you started slowly to take him inside you, inch-by-inch, every muscle in my body tensed, as an overwhelming desire to have you was beaten back by the insistence in your voice and by the hypnotic sight of you arching your back and opening your mouth in a silent scream of ecstasy. Any intention you had of drawing out the performance disappeared completely in that moment, and you began riding him harder and harder, your hands on his shoulders and his fingers squeezing your ass. For a moment I gave in and wrapped my hand round the shaft of my cock, but within seconds your head whipped round, alerted by the change in my breathing, and your eyes flashed with anger. “No, I said no touching. I want you hard, and I want you here, now.”

You extended a hand and I took it, letting you pull me onto the bed. “Get behind me”, you gasped. “Get behind me and lube up my ass.” I reached for the bottle of lube and squeezed it straight onto your skin, then pushed my thumb inside you, coating the inside of your hole with the cool, slippery liquid. You rocked forward, off his cock and onto his stomach, your ass high in the air and taking in more of my thumb, then two of my fingers as you kissed him. “I want you baby, I’m so ready for your cock”, you said, but as I moved forward eagerly, you turned to face me and smiled, then bit down on your lip with feigned innocence. “But first I want to see you suck my juices off his cock.”

We stared at each other, then you looked down at him for affirmation, giving a quick nod that he mirrored, signalling his consent; mine was given long beforehand, when I said yes to this fantasy of yours, and agreed to give you what you’d always craved. His cock pressed between your buttocks, heavily-veined and still almost impossibly rigid, and you reached back to hold it for me. I swallowed hard and took it in my mouth, surprised immediately by how stretched and bruised my lips felt by its girth. I could taste you, not just on my tongue, but in my throat and my nose, mixed with an unmistakably hot, masculine tang. I flicked my eyes to one side and saw your fingers moving furiously between your legs, your inner thighs covered in sweat and your own sticky wetness. I almost gagged as he pushed his cock in deeper, but the sensation only increased the hardness I could feel against my own stomach, and I flattened my tongue along his shaft in an attempt to make room for even more of him inside me.

You moaned when you finally saw my nose press against his pelvis: “oh god baby, that’s so fucking hot. That’s it, suck his big fat cock for me.” You took a fistful of my hair and moved me up and down, then, just as my eyes started to water, you pulled me up and eagerly scrambled back on top of him. This time I didn’t need telling, and nothing on Earth was going to stop me. You slid all the way down his length and planted your hands either side of him, just as I knelt between his legs and forced the head of my cock inside your ass. I knew I wouldn’t last long like that, and I thrust in deeper, moving in time with the rhythm your hips set, and feeling him rub against me as your cunt squeezed him. Your body was the first to surrender: you bit hard on his shoulder and screamed as you came, taking me down with you. I really let you have it then, pounding my cock as hard as I could into your ass and holding it there as it pumped every last drop of come inside you. When the throbbing sensation in my head had started to clear, I pulled out and moved you off him, then gently turned your limp body, so he could kneel alongside it.

“You’re such a greedy little slut”, I said. “Such a fucking greedy, fucking amazing little slut, and I know how much you want to be covered in his come right now”. You nodded and licked your lips, your fingers brushing his cock as he gripped it hard and pointed it at your tits. I put my hand on your belly, pushing you down into the bed and resting my chin on your knee. With a grunt, he sent long ribbons of hot come shooting over you, flying from his cock to land on your cheek and your mouth, the base of your throat and the tops of your breasts. As he rolled away and stood, wordlessly, before turning towards the bathroom door, you weakly rubbed it into your skin and licked your lips. I must’ve looked worried at that point, because you suddenly chuckled and blew me a kiss. “Don’t worry” you said, “I just need a moment to catch my breath – after all, we’ve got him till morning…”

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  2. MelAa says:

    Well well well. What can I say. 95%?

  3. abbirode says:

    So who’s fantasy was it (besides one of my own)…. and did it happen?

  4. Charlie says:

    I swear I like this more every time I read it.

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  6. Kayla Lords says:

    Holy fucking hell. *I* need to sit down after that one. Wow!

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