Comeuppance: part 2

The first smack of the ruler was gentle and exploratory, delivered on the part of her ass still covered by her pale blue panties. I knew she would expect me to be tentative and hesitant, and I wanted to play up to that image, at least until she relaxed and regained a measure of the haughtiness that both turned me on and set my teeth on edge.

I pulled the ruler back again and tapped the wide, flat face of it firmly against the other cheek, then back to the first one again. As I prepared for a fourth stroke, Helena removed one hand from the counter and rested it on her thigh, then inched it up her leg toward her underwear. I watched her intently, aware that a part of me wanted nothing more than to let her slide her fingers inside her panties and touch her clit with the swift, skilful movements that always turned us both on so much. She must have sensed my hesitation, because she glanced over her shoulder and locked her eyes on mine. “Don’t stop”, she whispered. I smiled and reached for her hand; I twisted it back, so that I could kiss her fingertips, then I bit down sharply on the finger I knew she’d been intending to push inside her cunt.

“The next time you move that hand without my permission, I’ll tie it to the towel rail and leave you here for the building crew to do with as they please. Is that understood?” Helena moaned, and her nails dug into my palm, but when I placed her hand back on the cold marble, she lowered her weight down onto it and braced herself for the next blow.

I could feel the first beads of sweat starting to pool at my temples as I resumed her punishment. For the next minute or so, I found and maintained a steady, insistent rhythm, varying only the angle of the ruler and the target area that it found on her underwear and on her skin. When I’d spanked partners in the past, I’d always felt a decidedly unerotic sense of detachment, but with Helena, each stroke only increased my desire for her; the little catch in her breath, which accompanied the impact of the ruler, sent a tingle down the shaft of my cock that grew more and more difficult to ignore as it got louder and less controlled.

Without really noticing it, our bodies had moved closer again, and the hand I’d been using to hold Helena steady felt hot and prickly against her skin. I wanted her so badly: I wanted to kiss every angry red mark on her ass, and to keep moving my lips over her till they found the sweet wetness that would make us both forget about the stinging pain. I shook my head and blinked, then took a step back, away from the wash unit. I knew I’d surrender to that desire in the end, but first I wanted to finish the job: to make her feel fully owned and used in the way I knew she craved.

The next time I swung the ruler back, I brought it forward from lower down, and sent it up between her legs to smack against her cunt. Helena slapped her hand on the counter, and I heard her say “again – please, I want it again.” I ran a finger along the ruler and found the point of impact with her underwear; it was slick just from that first blow, and I knew that she must be close to coating her inner thighs with her juices. “If you want it again, you’re going to have to work for it”, I said. “I want to hear you tell me what you are, Helena. Tell me what you want.”

I bent down and used the ball of my thumb to brush the crotch of her underwear to one side. Softly, I flicked my tongue out and curled it up underneath her, running the tip between her labia and back toward her ass. Her juices were thick and I could taste how ripe and desperate she was, but I stood back up and waited for her to speak.

“You fucker – do you know how mean that is? God, ok, you win. I want you”


“Ah…I want you to use me.”


“I want you to hurt me”


“I want to please you”


“I’ll do anything to please you”


“Anything to taste you”


“Anything to show you how slutty…”


“And dirty”


“And desperate I am for you”


As Helena paused and drew breath, ready to resume her mantra, I lunged forward and covered her mouth with my hand, letting her feel my hard cock against her ass. I couldn’t believe how aroused her words had got me, and I bit her earlobe, then buried my face in her hair. When I spoke, the words felt rough and harsh in my throat.

“So you want to taste me, do you? Be careful what you wish for, you beautiful little bitch.” The fierceness in my voice took us both by surprise, I think, but I braced her against my body, then spun her around and kissed her hard. She tried to bite my lip and her nails scratched at my wrist; in response, I slapped her across the face twice, once on each cheek, and kissed her even more hungrily. When I broke away, I barely had to apply any pressure at all on Helena’s shoulders before she sunk to her knees, fingers already searching for my belt buckle. I knew that if I let her take over at this point, I’d never regain control; her mouth on my cock was something I found almost impossible to resist, and she rarely missed an opportunity to tease me till I was the one begging for release. As she pulled down my zip and pressed her lips against the firm bulge in my underwear, I slid my hand under her chin and tilted her head up to face mine.

“You might want my cock in your mouth, Helena, but all I want is to use it like I’d use any of your other holes – is that understood? If you think you can take that, then put your hands behind your back and stay still.”

Helena sank back onto her ass and pulled one hand tightly against it with the other. She closed her eyes, but opened them again almost immediately and fixed me with a hard, defiant stare. Once again, my hand found her chin, then my fingers curled around her neck and I moved the head of my cock to her open mouth. Her tongue reached for me and I pulled back, just out of reach. She made to pout, and as her lips started to close I thrust forward quickly, decisively, and pushed the full length of my thick shaft inside her mouth, till I could feel the tip nestle against the back of her throat. A low growl came from deep inside her and I pulled out again; I could see her saliva already coating my cock, and as I looked down at her hungry eyes, I knew I wanted to fuck her till it pooled on the floor beneath us.

To be continued…

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