Thrill Seeker

It was National Poetry Day this week, and the Sinful Sunday theme is Back To School. I loved English as a schoolboy for many reasons, one of which was the access it gave me to poetry in its many forms. One of those forms was haiku:

Coming? Going? Huh:
The thrill-seeker does both with
Total abandon

Thrill Seeker

Sinful Sunday

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15 Responses to Thrill Seeker

  1. msbunnywhite says:

    Nicely done. Love the haiku and the censorship with the book. Cheeky 🙂

  2. Silverdrop says:

    Yikes! How on earth did you get that shot without being seen. 3 am?

  3. Oh! I love it! The photograph illustrates it pretty well, too 🙂

    xx Dee

  4. KaziG says:

    Oh, nicely done! love the haiku 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Nice shot and quite impressively done! Love how you can see your reflection in the mirror!

  6. ThatPosition says:

    OMG!! Are you in the lift?!:) That is fantastic shoot!! Is that what your English teacher showed you at school?:) haha fab!!

  7. Molly says:

    Oh my that is brilliant… is that a lift in a public area? If so then I think this might constitute a Scavenger hunt Pic which you can find out about on Curvaceous Dee’s blog


  8. Wow that’s daring!
    I’m currently reading Thrill Seeker – love it! x

  9. John says:

    Very brave (I think all scavenger hunters have the crazy gene in their DNA); What would have been amusing if the lift had travelled down to hte bottom floor, explaining that one away to a surprised guest 😉

  10. Hehe! I love this. 🙂

  11. Heaven says:

    Great way to hide your face with the book. It is a lovely image and that book sounds interesting.

  12. Miss July says:

    Brilliantly done image!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

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