On my sexuality (part 2)

(This is the second part of what will ultimately be a three- or four-part post, so read the first bit before you continue with this one!)

About a year after I realized how hot I found the idea of sex with another guy, I had my first threesome. I’d met a Canadian woman in an online forum, and we’d quickly established that we shared a lot of interests, both sexually and in other areas. We started to correspond by email, and a little while after that she became the first person I used Skype with. ‘Kate’ was a little bit younger than me, but had already been married for four years, to her childhood sweetheart ‘Jonny’. They lived in Toronto, where they were both finishing up PHDs. Neither of them had been with anyone else, either before or during their marriage, but they both found the idea of playing with another guy very appealing; Jonny because he was bi-curious, Kate because she was naturally dominant, and loved the idea of two guys pleasuring her and each other.

That last scenario started coming up more and more during our conversations. Sometimes she would call my phone while Jonny was going down on her, and tell me how much she wished she had my cock in her mouth at the same time; on other occasions, she’d get me to touch myself on Skype for her, usually with a butt plug in my arse, while she stroked her strap-on in front of my face, Jonny already handcuffed to the bed in the next room, ready to be fucked. We never played together on camera as a threesome, but the idea was always there in the background, lending a sort of edgy anticipation to our calls and emails.

After we’d known each other for a few months, Kate floated the idea of me visiting them in Canada. At that point I’d never been to North America, so the thought of spending some time in Toronto appealed to the adventurer in me, as well as to the emerging kinkster. We agreed that I’d go and stay at their apartment for five nights, and I booked my flights before any of us had time to get cold feet.

A couple of days before I flew, we discussed some limits and ground-rules for our time together. Jonny was happy for me and Kate to play while he was at work, but I wasn’t allowed to have vaginal or anal sex with her, while she wasn’t allowed to put my cock in her mouth; we agreed that if any of us wanted to propose a change to these or the various other rules, we had to discuss it as a group, then wait 24 hours before the new rule took effect, in case someone decided they weren’t comfortable with it after all. As I’ve learned more about group sex and poly relationships in the years since then, I’m more impressed than I ever was at the time by how maturely and sensibly we handled that part of things, and I think that laying those foundations made the actual experience of being together much happier and less inhibited.

The trip itself was amazing. I took a couple of afternoons and one evening to explore Toronto on my own, to give us all a bit of breathing space and allow Kate and Jonny some time together for after-care, but most of my stay was spent hanging out with one or both of them, in their apartment or out on the town. Kate would fuck Jonny in the mornings, their bedroom door open so I could hear the whole thing, then after he had left for work, she’d come into the spare room where I was sleeping, and we would do all the things we’d talked and fantasized about together. That was my introduction to strap-on play, actually; I was amazed at how this sweet, geeky academic could turn into such a dominant, demanding mistress when she had a cock strapped between her legs, and I willingly submitted every time she wanted to use it on me.

I could write for hours about those long mornings and afternoons we spent on their crappy fold-out sofa-bed…but that’s not what this post is about. On my last day there, Jonny came home from work early, and joined the two of us in the spare room. We were spooned together naked, napping after a long session, in which I’d mostly had my tongue between her legs, licking her clit, cunt and arse. Jonny stripped down to his boxers and joined us on the bed, wriggling in between Kate and the wall. They lay face-to-face and kissed: one of those long, sweet, sensual kisses, which points to a level of affection between two people that extends beyond physical lust. His hands started to explore her body; none of us had said anything at that point, but I started to follow the path Jonny took, letting my fingers caress her back as he teased her nipples, and stroking the backs of her thighs when he moved down to feel how wet she was.

We stayed like that for a long time. Kate was content to let us touch her, our fingers occasionally brushing against each other as we focused more and more on her making her moan. She told me afterwards that feeling my cock hard against her arse, while the fat head of Jonny’s cock pressed against her cunt through his boxers, made her want both of us inside her right there and then, though we’d agreed that things wouldn’t go that far.

As we lay together, I’m not sure any of us knew how the session would end, but eventually Kate yanked down Jonny’s underwear, slung one leg over his hip, and fed his cock inside her. They fucked very slowly, neither of them moving much, and I watched them, my fingers still between Kate’s legs. She was soaking wet, and as Jonny moved his cock in and out, I took the opportunity to touch them both; her soft, pliant skin, and his hard shaft, the wispy hairs at the base brushing my knuckles each time he pulled out. When he was close to coming, she rolled onto her back and let him slide out of her. She put her hand on my cheek and said “I want you to suck him for me.”

Kate and I knelt beside Jonny, and she showed me exactly what she wanted. She curled one finger around the base of his cock to keep it upright, then gently pushed my head down onto it. Her fingers ran through my hair as I sucked him, and, out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she was using her other hand to play with her clit. I can’t really describe that feeling to you: if you’ve sucked cock before, you’ll know that it’s utterly unlike any other sensation; to have something that soft-yet-hard in your mouth, pulsing heat and warmth and life into your cheeks and throat, is a strange and wonderful thing. In the distance, beyond the blood thumping in my ears, I heard Kate come with an almost anguished intensity. Moments later, I felt Jonny start to thicken in my mouth, and sucked harder; Kate pulled my head up in time for me to catch the first ribbon of come on my lips, then her hand wrapped round his cock and she jerked it till his stomach was covered in small, sticky pools.

That was the only part of the trip that we spent together as a threesome. Jonny went off to get cleaned up and change into fresh clothes in their bedroom a couple of minutes after he came, and Kate used her hands on my cock and my arse to get me off as well. We kept in touch for six months or so after I got back to the UK, but relationships (mine), study-pressure (theirs), and work (all of ours) meant that we gradually let the connection between us break. I still hear from Kate every now and then, and have kept track of their movements, from Toronto to rural Ontario, to Saskatoon, where I think they still live now. I doubt I’ll ever see them again, but even if that turns out to be the case, I will always think back with fondness on the time we spent together. It was my first holiday outside Europe, my first pegging experience, my first threesome, and most importantly in the context of this post, the first time I sucked another guy’s cock.

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  1. Malin James says:

    What a powerful experience. And, I have to say that, as a person who has had some threesomes turn out beautifully, and others not so well, I’m really impressed by the level of communication and negotiation the three of you engaged in beforehand. It’s also really enlightening to read about this sort of dynamic from the POV of a bi man – as a bi woman, I get it from the female POV, but it’s lovely read about from the other side, so to speak.

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