Pillow Talk

Darkness, and your voice in my ear. They seduce in different ways, but both leave me wanting you; your warmth pressed alongside me in these long hours before dawn, and your words soft and rhythmical, filling and soothing my mind. Our heads share one pillow and I turn so that we can whisper to each other across it; there is no-one to hear us, but anything louder would break the spell that we’ve woven together in the perfect, aching moments between one joining and the next. You’re making love to me now with your words, and I have to respond, telling you in faltering tones of my desire for you, my need to know everything that you desire in turn.

We can lay ourselves bare and open like this. Holding nothing back, we can each explore the other’s erotic world: playfully, hungrily, tenderly, as our bodies press closer, still tingling with the physical memory of being locked together. Our senses feel gloriously over-stimulated: the taste, the smell of our fucking envelops us, and we’re drawn in by it, an instant trigger for all of our best and most primitive urges. I find your bottom lip with my teeth and pull on it slowly, loving how softly you rest your palm against my chest when I kiss you. It’s our words that have brought us here, to a bed that bears the happy weight of our love for each other, and folds it around us, enhancing arousal that already burns with an intense heat. We have chosen each other in both the light and the darkness, and being cocooned like this has only made me want you more. My cock is hard between your legs, poised, waiting. This time the question is a silent one, as my fingers gently squeeze yours. You look up, and squeeze mine in return. ‘Yes’, you whisper, and at that shortest, simplest of words I slide firmly inside you…

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  1. Ah, you’re gonna make me cry.

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