Their First Time

This was written for Alison Tyler’s kink submission and rejected, in part, because the characters came across as too young. After re-reading it, I kind of get where that comment came from, though in my head they’re probably in their early-to-mid twenties. Anyway, I thought I’d post it here: let me know what you think!

Everyone remembers their first time. Alex and Kelly were lucky enough to experience theirs together, one cold afternoon in early February, when the snow on the ground outside lay as pure and white as the soft blanket and fresh sheets on Kelly’s bed.

Underneath that blanket they kissed, these two young lovers, and their trembling fingers took it in turns to remove the clothes they’d still been wearing as they’d tumbled into bed. A shirt was unbuttoned here, a bra unhooked there, and in no time at all Kelly’s hand was burrowing down into Alex’s underwear.

“God, I’ve wanted to touch you for so long. I can’t believe we waited till now to do this.”

“I want you so much, Kelly. Yeah, curl your fingers around it like that, baby.”

“You’re so hard! I never realised how big it would feel. Oh Alex, are you sure it’ll fit. Won’t it hurt?”

Alex looked down and saw Kelly’s hand wrapped around the thick shaft, barely able to make a fist. For a horrible moment, it felt like the laws of Physics were playing a horrible joke on both of them; that nothing so gloriously large could hope to fit inside the virginal tightness with which they both longed to sheathe it.

Kelly looked at the despair that flashed across Alex’s face, and immediately knew what to do.

“Get down between my legs and lick me, baby. Just for a minute. That’s it, just rip them off, I don’t care, and – oh fuck – yes, that’s the spot right there.”

Alex’s tongue was sure and steady, deft and skilful, as if it had found a natural home down there in the sweet spot that made Kelly purr with pleasure. It flicked and probed, till the tiny opening could accommodate a few exploratory thrusts, and then it pushed inside, causing them both to gasp in surprise and delight.

“Here, get my fingers nice and wet. I want to see whether I can get them inside you. You’re so tight, but I think you can take one, at least.”

Kelly sucked hard on Alex’s middle finger. A second digit soon found its way in alongside the first; they emerged a few seconds later, coated in saliva, and Kelly mewled at the sudden emptiness which they left behind.

“Please Alex. Please let me suck your dick while you use your fingers. I really need you in my mouth”

In a blanket-tossing, sheet-twisting frenzy, they each moved round, till his cheek rested against the inside of her thigh, and her breath warmed his navel. Alex’s cock stood high and proud, and Kelly licked it with a flat tongue; slowly at first, to savour its length and to allow this moment to sink in for both of them.

Meanwhile, Alex’s fingers adopted a similar rhythm. Languid and unhurried in their initial movements, they just parted the soft flesh between Kelly’s legs and held it like that, so the cool air could tickle the ripe, exposed core. When the first finger did finally enter, it curled upwards and stopped, just an inch or two inside. It slid silkily back out, then in again, pausing to allow Kelly’s muscles to clench around it : some things just feel too good not to take your time over.

Without needing to ask, each knew when the moment to accelerate matters had arrived. Kelly, mouth suddenly awash with greed, plunged down onto Alex’s cock, taking not just the head but most of the thick shaft deep inside; Alex responded by jamming two fingers in together and using them to piston in and out, matching Kelly’s fast, frantic, oral tempo.

“You’re so open now! I swear I could get three fingers in, or even four! Do you think you’re ready for me now, baby? I really want to fuck you and I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

“Yes, I’m ready. Your dick feels so good in my mouth, but I need you to fuck me. I’ve never needed anything as much as I need this.”

Alex pulled Kelly in close and they rolled together on the big bed. When they stopped, Kelly’s soft curls lay spread out on the pillow. Alex looked down at them and tenderly wove a loose tendril around the fingers which, seconds earlier, had been used for much less delicate purposes.

With her other hand, Alex reached for the pot on the bedside table and swiftly lubed up her cock. The strap-on felt almost obscenely large between her slim thighs, and Kelly’s ass was still really tight, but she knew that once she’d squeezed the first couple of inches inside him, he’d beg to feel the rest as well. He looked so adorably vulnerable, her beautiful man just aching to be fucked.

Kelly spread his legs. His swimmer’s body tapered down in a long V from shoulders to waist, and there was something graceful about the way he moved his knees back, either side of his chest, till he looked like one of his diver buddies, suspended in the tuck position. He watched Alex tease her dick down between his balls, and gasped as he felt the cool silicon, slick with lube, press experimentally against his hole. He tensed – they both tensed – and then, with an ease that brought a happy smile to Alex’s face, she thrust inside.

Alex and Kelly’s first time, like that of so many others, did not take long to reach a wide-eyed, toe-curling climax. Alex pressed down on the backs of Kelly’s legs till the kneecaps rested flush against the dips either side of his collarbone. She whispered words she’d never dreamt would come out of her mouth, and he responded, his hand desperate and shaking as it sought out his own erection. He was already leaking pre-come, each drop clinging briefly to the very tip of his cock, then falling into the valley between his chest muscles.

With the base of the dildo grinding into her clit, it didn’t take Alex long to find the gathering swell of her own orgasm. As she succumbed, she collapsed down onto Kelly, her strap-on still deep inside his ass. He held her to him, and they both felt his cock pulse once, then send a stream of come between their bodies.

Alex fell back onto the bed next to her lover. The snow continued to fall outside the window, and she knew that they’d be going nowhere that evening. That was fine; in fact, it was perfect. Alex propped herself up on one elbow, turned to Kelly, and with a mischievous smile said the words that everyone wants to hear after their first time:

“We are doing that again.”

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  1. I don’t get the ‘too young’ thing at all. I guess because of the virginity? I wonder what age the average guy gives their ass away at? Sigh. That was fun, though 🙂

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