Sinful Stories: competition entries

This post will collate all of the public entries to my Sinful Stories writing competition. I’ll try to update it every day between now and the deadline (Thursday 8th May); if you want to enter, and are happy for others to read your submission, please send me the link and I’ll add it below.

If you’re planning to take part, or if you’re a regular Sinful Sunday contributor, please do take the time to read some of the entries, and offer feedback where appropriate – I’m pretty sure it’ll be appreciated!

  1. Eleven Hours to Finland, by Ticky Sowdenham
  2. The Quiet Train, by Horny Geek Girl
  3. The Second Letter, by Malin James
  4. Dust Bunny, by ├ůsa Winter
  5. Dear George, by Bawdy Bloke
  6. Dear Sir, I Lost The Game, by Ruby Goodnight
  7. Sweet Sword, by Cammies on the Floor
  8. Penis Envy, by Oleander Plume
  9. The Accidental Exhibitionist, by Oleander Plume
  10. The Sword in Miss Stone, by Oleander Plume
  11. Shaved, by Horny Geek Girl
  12. Among The Bluebells, by LadyS
  13. Mine Is Bigger Than Yours, by Beck
  14. Happy Birthday, by Maria Sibylla
  15. Saturday Fun, by The Long Bean
  16. Cock Tease, by Anna Sky
  17. The Great Rite, by Alastor Musing
  18. If you go down to the woods today, by HappyComeLucky
  19. Dark Fantasy, by Marie Rebelle
  20. Penis Envy, by Tabitha Rayne
  21. Lick Here, by Measha Stone
  22. Seek and You Shall Find, by Measha Stone
  23. Academic Integrity, by Bawdy Bloke
  24. Torment, by Bawdy Bloke
  25. Third Base Chase, by Kenny C
  26. Seven Inches, by Ian Jade
  27. Her cock vs his cock, by Bawdy Bloke

…plus one story that has not (yet) been made public by its author.

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