Silver Linings

To balance out the last post, I thought I’d briefly reflect on a few of the less gloomy consequences of yesterday’s bad news. For starters, it means I don’t have to spend the next four months in Watford, which was the prospect confronting me until Friday afternoon. It gives me as much time off as I could possibly want over Christmas (a time of year I love without reservation or apology). It opens up the prospect of a trip to Vietnam or Thailand in the New Year to visit one of my best friends, who is taking three months off work to finish her novel and travel around South-East Asia. It will almost certainly mean more blogging, more writing, and perhaps the sort of fundamental change my life needs at this point.

This afternoon, it meant a cosy, warm bedroom, a good book, and mug after mug of hot tea, as the light slowly faded from the sky. I ate lunch at the kitchen table, and nipped to Sainsbury’s for a pint of milk when I’d exhausted the bottle in the fridge, but otherwise I stayed determinedly rooted to the mattress: if not happy in my solitude, then at least strangely content.

Eventually, I started to feel restless, and it didn’t take long for restless to evolve into horny. I shucked my dressing gown, reached for the lube, and with the luxury of time at my disposal, I made sure I enjoyed every last second of what followed – then, after a quick nap, I enjoyed it all over again…only this time I reached for my phone camera first.

It’s been a shit few days, but as you can see (below the jump), I’m trying to grab hold of the positives…

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7 Responses to Silver Linings

  1. becomingHIS says:

    Sorry about the job but balance is always good! Thank you for sharing. 😀

  2. mariasibylla says:

    These photos are fantastic! I love them as an animated slideshow. So sorry about the blow you received job-wise but am definitely looking forward to what you’ll produce creatively coming out of it in the next few months.

  3. you are a beautiful man…
    in flesh/photos and in written words

    enjoy the moment
    find peace, find pleasure, grow as a person… find yourself and what you want

    you have that luxury… embrace it

  4. vidabailey says:

    In bed in the afternoon, reading, wearing jammies, wanking… these are a few of my favourite things.
    ‘blow you recieved job-wise’ is a confusing sentence.

    • mariasibylla says:

      Oops, you are totally right! I didn’t even think about those words in their other context. (Not consciously, anyway). Of course I meant, “sorry about the unexpected career news.”

      • vidabailey says:

        I perhaps should have made my amusement clearer, there. As an erotica writer*, I’m trained to be super sensitive to any hint of a double entendre 🙂
        *silly, filthy minded person

  5. I recently took time off work to travel to SE Asia and absolutely loved it. Fully in support of that decision. And of your decision to share the, ahem, positives 😉

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