Sunshine & Shades of Grey

I haven’t been in much of a writing mood for the last couple of weeks, and I also missed the latest Sinful Sunday through what could only be described as sheer laziness, so this post is a bit of a placeholder to address both of those things.

For anyone who’s interested, I should be guest-posting very soon over at Malin James‘ place, with a piece about sexual curiosity. I can also be found in this article by Girl on the Net for The Debrief, which went up yesterday; it’s about THAT movie, and what happens when you take a bunch of people who do know kink to see it. GOTN was kind enough to ply us all with booze before the post-movie discussion began, which is probably evident in a few of the comments.

I aim to get off my arse and write something ‘proper’ very soon, but until then I’ll mainly just be hanging out in my apartment, enjoying the warm sunshine flooding in through my balcony window.

Naked, of course.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I used to swim 50 lengths 3 x a week. When I was getting tired I used to imagine that there was a hot naked man holding a chocolate muffin at the end of the pool!! I haven’t played the same game with myself since becoming a runner but you posted this just before I left for today’s run and I positively *breezed* through 10 miles!!! Do make sure you get a Sinful Sunday up on the morning of 1st March to see me through the half marathon!! 😉

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