Read My Lips

Susie leaned in close and pressed her lips against mine. I relaxed into the kiss, letting her settle in my lap and bring her hands up to my face.

“God, I love doing this.”

“Doing what?”

“Kissing you the way you go down on me. The way I used to go down on her.”

I brushed loose strands of hair away from Susie’s eyes. They were brown, but in the glow of the reading lamp her irises and pupils blended to form a deep, shimmering black.

“Show me again,” I said.

Susie’s mouth curled into a smile. Gently, she brushed her lips over my cheek, and kissed the corners of my eyes; the tip of my nose. I tilted my head back, trying to catch her, but she dipped past me and took my earlobe between her teeth.

“You always make me wait for what I really want,” she whispered. “What makes you think I’m going to give this to you right away?”

My fingers scratched along the sofa cushions, but I didn’t move. I closed my eyes and felt her breath on my neck, and in the dip of my collarbone. Her teeth were small and sharp; I could picture her pixie grin as she nipped at the base of my throat, her hair skimming along my chin.

I flexed my thighs under Susie’s arse, and she moved to the beat they set, bouncing back up to plant tiny kisses on every crease and dimple she could find. The side of my nose, the stubbled scar just above my jaw; the crow’s feet and laughter lines that had slowly started to snake across my skin. There was no urgency in the way she explored my face; when I opened my eyes, her expression was calm but focused, as the pink bow of her lips found each new target.

Susie shucked her vest top, leaving just the plain black bra beneath. I fanned one hand out over her back; it was hot and slick with sweat, and I shivered, despite the warmth already spreading through my own body. She ran her fingers through my hair, twisting and pulling just enough to make me wince.

As my lips parted, she surprised me with the sort of soft, deep kiss I’d started to fear would never come. Her tongue eased into my mouth, only to dart back out before I could find it with my own. We moved together, and I marvelled again at how each kiss from a lover is both a single snowflake and a fresh blanket of snow: as unique and beautiful, as it is comforting and familiar.

I sighed when Susie pulled away. My lips tingled; swollen and sensitive to the cool air, after the heat of her mouth. Like two boxers, our heads bobbed and weaved around each other, but she was too quick for me, and her lips eluded my desperate, clumsy chase.

“Do you get it now? It’s almost painful sometimes, when you take your tongue away. I can’t help pushing my hips up to try and find it again.”

Before I could answer, Susie swooped down and sucked my bottom lip between hers. My fingernails dug into her back, and she pressed hard on my shoulder, forcing my arm away from her. She kissed me hard, and my mouth opened in response. I was pinned and pliant, and I let her tongue flick across mine, coaxing it to follow as our lips meshed together. There was a rhythm to the way she pushed and pulled; to the give and take of her kiss. I could feel her pulse through my tongue as surely as if I’d laid two fingers on the inside of her wrist.

My cock was painfully hard against the button fly of my jeans. Susie ground against it, her cotton shorts thin enough that I could feel her pelvic bone, and the heat of her cunt. I broke the kiss and pushed her away from me, both of us gasping for air as she fell back onto the sofa.

I reached for a cushion and wedged it under Susie’s arse. She propped herself up on the padded arm of the sofa and watched me slide my thumbs under the waistband of her knickers. She wriggled out of them, her eyes already half-closed in anticipation.

I settled down between her legs and looked up.

“Now…how did that go again?”

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8 Responses to Read My Lips

  1. Leah Harvey says:

    Slow, tense and teasing, Love it.

  2. Damn! I am desperately in need now. That was beautifully expressed and very, very hot.

  3. I really, really love that. Hot and tender – great combination.

  4. Lilith St. Augustine says:

    But what happens next? 😉

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