Search Term Story: Redux

It’s coming up for six months since I wrote this post, sharing some of the weird and wonderful search terms that bring people to my blog. I also asked people to vote for the term they most wanted me to use as the title for a story; it’s fair to say that ‘Lust Fish’ would not have been my preferred option when polling began, but it won a landslide victory, and accordingly made it on here a few days later as this piece of M/M filth.

Last night I had another trawl through the search terms section of the WordPress stats page*. The first half of 2015 once again brought a mix of the sublime, the ridiculous, and the downright terrifying. I remain heartened by the number of people apparently interested in getting down’n’dirty in the Tiergarten, but kind of hope that whoever was looking for ‘very dangerous’ or ‘mad bad’ porn settled down a bit and stuck to the more regular stuff.

As in December, I’ve put together a list of my 10 favourites from the last six months, and whacked them into a poll, which you’ll find below. One important change from last time is that I’m not promising to use the winner as a story title – some of them clearly aren’t suited to that – but I will make it either the title or the theme of an erotica short.

I’ll keep the poll running for a while, as I won’t be in a position to write up the winner until the back end of June. If there’s a search term on the list that you’d like to see me turn into a story, you know what to do – and if there’s one that you’d like to use as the title/prompt for your own piece of erotica, go right ahead and do so…I’ll link to whatever you come up with when I pick this up again in a couple of weeks!


*Ok, new dashboard, I’m slowly warming to you.

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6 Responses to Search Term Story: Redux

  1. I still get donkey sex searches, especially after writing about the craziness of people searching for sex with donkeys and somehow finding my sight. I fed the google search bear and didn’t even realize it.

  2. Cara Thereon says:

    I wanted to choose more than one so badly

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