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Back in August, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel for her sex column in the Philadelphia City Paper. It turned out to be one of the newspaper’s final editions, as after almost 34 years it ceased publication on the 8th October.

I obviously don’t live in Philadelphia, but by happy coincidence Molly Moore and her husband were visiting family there when my interview with Rachel was published. They were kind enough to bring back a copy, which Molly handed over to me on Friday night.

At the age of maybe 10 or 11, I was certain I wanted to be a journalist, and when I read the paper each morning I would visualise my own name above the articles I loved the most. Perhaps for that reason, it feels ten times stranger (and more wonderful) to see my pseudonym and photo in a physical newspaper than it did when I first clicked through to the online edition. I don’t know what I’ll do with this blog in the long run – things change quickly, and planning too far ahead is always dangerous – but if I walked away tomorrow I think that interview (silly as it may be) would sit alongside Chemical Sex and Eroticon as one of the coolest things* to happen as a result of writing it.

While I’m tempted to frame the column and hang it in my bathroom, that would obviously raise a few uncomfortable questions, especially when my parents come to visit. Anonymity definitely has its drawbacks. Instead, I’ll tuck it away in a shoebox, alongside all the other bits and pieces of my life that have to stay hidden. Before I do that though, I wanted to share a photo of the article here, and to say thanks (again) to Rachel for having me…it was really cool just to be asked.

*I’m not including in this list all the amazing people I’ve met. They are their own separate category of awesomeness.

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  1. Aw, that’s lovely. It is a special thing, no doubt, to be in the paper – and I think this journey of nudity and photography and the bravery and recognition of self that comes with it is special too.

  2. twigs at 100acreSub says:

    I write professionally and there is always a buzz when work I do gets out there for public consumption. but never my personal stuff, that stuff, is private and annonymous locked behind a Twitter barrier, ok except when I comment but it’s not the same as creating, Anyway I think it would be way more satisfying to have that stuff out there, like this blog is for you, like your interview is, totally cool 🙂 but also there is something tangible about paper copies, it seems more permanent?

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