Hors d'oeuvre

This week’s Sinful Sunday post featured a butt plug I’ve written about several times before. It’s the Aneros MGX Prostate Massager, and I realised the other day that I’ve now been using it to get myself off for over 10 years. Small enough to be inserted with minimal preparation, substantial enough that I still have to stretch around it, and designed to hit all the right spots in all the right ways, it’s the only sex toy in my box that you’d have to prise from my cold, dead hands.

It’s also the perfect toy for discreet – if dangerous – public play, as I discovered a few years ago with a woman called Katie. Katie lived about a 40-minute drive from me, in a small town halfway between my place and my parents’. She was a schoolteacher, English-Rose-pretty, and recently single, after her fiancé had left her for one of their bridesmaids.

Unsurprisingly, Katie didn’t want a relationship – at least not with me. She wanted to go out, drink wine, chat shit, and have sex, all of which suited me down to the ground. We’d already hooked up at my place a couple of times when I first drove out to her house in the sticks one Saturday lunchtime, for an afternoon of lazy, laid-back fun.

Katie didn’t have much experience with sex toys, but had been very curious about the ones in my bedside drawer, so I’d hastily packed a few of them into my bag before I left. The bag lay open on the passenger seat, and when Katie hopped into my car to head out for lunch at a local pub, she immediately started cataloguing its contents.

“Handcuffs…lube…ooh, this dildo looks great…vibrator? Yes, vibrator. And what’s this?”

I glanced over as she brandished the Aneros MGX. I’m not sure Katie had a dominant bone in her body, but as I explained what it did and how it worked, the grin on her face grew wider and much less innocent.

“I like the sound of that! So when you have it inside you, your cock is really sensitive, yes? And you, like, really want to come?”

I nodded as she put the toy back in the bag. I’d used the MGX with a few partners by that point, but others had been less keen on anal play, and I was pleased by Katie’s apparent interest in exploring it at some stage. Caught up in that thought as I manoeuvred through a packed pub car park, I completely missed her slipping the MGX out of my bag and into hers.

Like any good country pub on a sunny afternoon, the one she’d picked had happy patrons spilling out of the doors and into the small, well-kept beer garden. We found a table inside, next to the window, where Katie pored over the menu as I went to the bar to fetch drinks.

I’d barely sipped my glass of wine when Katie put her hand on my thigh under the table and gave it a firm squeeze.

“I really want to see how turned on you get with that toy inside you. Here, I brought it in from the car. Can you go and…y’know, in the Gents…”

I felt her fingers on mine, opening my hand enough to pass me the MGX and a sachet of lube. I hesitated – not because I didn’t want to play her game, but because I suddenly wanted to skip lunch and play it back at her place, where I could have her naked immediately afterwards. Katie gave my hand a squeeze though – one that didn’t really brook any argument – and then patted my arse for good measure as I turned to go.

The bathrooms were on the other side of the pub, and as I weaved between the tables I thought about how different the walk back would be with the toy inside me. I was already hard, but the idea of having to pass all those people with my arse clenching around the MGX made my cock twitch in my jeans, and I hurried through the door before my discomfort and arousal became too obvious.

I pushed open the nearest empty cubicle, tugging at my belt and popping buttons even before I’d locked it behind me. In my excitement I managed to deposit the full sachet of lube out onto my palm; after coating the toy I slicked the rest over my cock, curling a tight fist around it and pumping hard as I held the tip of the plug against my entrance.

As ever, it slid all the way inside my arse with one smooth thrust. I felt the familiar pressure, and a tingle that spread through the lower half of my body, somewhere just beneath the skin. Instantly, my cock jumped in my hand, and I squeezed down on my pelvic floor muscles, my fingers flying off the shaft as if it might explode without further warning.

My jeans didn’t close easily over the bulge, and with each step I took towards the toilet door I felt the buttons rub over the underside of my cock. I tried not to grip the toy too hard, but my arse was greedy for it, and the fat head nudged insistently against my prostate. I paused for a moment in the doorway and cleared my throat, trying to compose myself before the slalom run back through the bar to our table.

Katie spotted me before I’d made it halfway across the pub, and turned to watch as I stumbled and apologised my way through the crowd. I fell into my seat and adjusted my position until the toy sat comfortably inside me again, my cock still pulling the denim tight across my crotch.

“Well? How does it feel?? Do you want to come already?”

I held up a hand to ward off further questions.

“Yeah, um, it feels pretty amazing. Not easy though. Don’t even think of touching my cock right now, put it that way.”

Katie moved her chair closer to mine.

“You mean that if I do this…”

Her nails scratched up my thigh. I held on to the edge of the table as the muscle tensed under her fingers, my arse pulling hard on the toy at the same time.

“Fuck, don’t do that! I don’t have much control over this right now.”

Katie sat up, her eyes widening in mock surprise.

“Reallllllly? So I probably shouldn’t do this either…”

I watched her wrist rotate and her fingers home in on the base of my cock. She pressed them against it, ignoring my quiet moan of protest. I didn’t really want her to stop – this was a side of Katie I hadn’t seen before – but as she dragged them up towards the head, I knew I was dangerously close to losing any semblance of control.

“Katie, stop stop stop. You have to stop or I’m going to…”

“Going to what? Going to come for me?”

Her bare leg grazed my knee, and as she leaned forward I could see a flush of pink across her cleavage. I reached for her hand, but she batted me away and started rubbing harder, her eyes never leaving mine.

“Maybe I want that. Right here in this pub.”

Each involuntary contraction around the toy sent little spasms of pleasure through my cock. I was hyper-aware of the building orgasm, and already leaking so much pre-cum that my boxers clung to the tip. Still, a part of me was sure it wouldn’t happen – that I could grit my way through those false peaks and persuade Katie to stop before I got too close to the real one.

“Fuck, you’re so tense. Your whole body. I can feel how ready you are.”

I was almost out of my seat, desperate both to escape Katie’s hand and to release the energy corked up inside me. Suddenly I knew it was too late, that I couldn’t stop her even if I wanted to, and as I closed my eyes I felt her zero in on the head of my cock.

“No no no no, I can’t stop. I’m gonna…”

“Fuck yes, do it. Come for me.”

Katie was breathing hard too, her fingers a skidding blur over the stiff denim. For a second I panicked – I was so over-stimulated I wasn’t sure I could actually get there – but then just as she lifted them clear everything went dark, and I felt my cock twitch and pulse, filling my boxers with cum.

When I opened my eyes again, Katie was grinning up at me. I lifted my t-shirt enough to see that my navel was covered in it too, the hair already matted and sticky. The toy felt uncomfortable in my arse, and the smaller of its two plastic arms dug painfully into my perineum, but I was in no rush to move. Katie put her hand on my stomach, then slipped it under the waistband of my jeans and around my softening cock.

“I’ve always wanted to make a guy just lose it like that. I’m so wet right now though – you’re going to have to fuck me really hard later.”

I nodded my agreement, still too stunned to speak. I passed Katie a menu and lifted myself out of the chair.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Get me…fuck, I don’t know. Get me anything.”

I walked towards the bathroom on shaky legs, my boxers soaked through with my own cum. After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon naked in Katie’s bed, where I found several different ways to get my own back for what she’d done to me in the pub.

When I got back to my own flat later that evening, I put all the toys back in their box. All except the MGX, which I hooked round my finger and took to bed with me.

Like I said: Cold. Dead. Hands.

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16 Responses to Hors d'oeuvre

  1. I wouldn’t consider myself in any way dominant, but the thought of doing this to someone? Fuck yeah! 😀

  2. That’s certainly an experience to remember!

  3. Oh, damn. I know what I’m getting someone for um…when’s the next gift giving holiday? So, maybe he’ll get it just because I want anything like that to happen to me! Yum.

  4. Fuuu…oh…yes! Damn! That works in every single way!

  5. T says:

    Fuck, that’s so hot!

  6. WOW, this is really hot!!!

    Rebel xox

  7. Fuck what a hot story. Such a turn on

  8. Twigs @ 100AcreSub says:

    So glad to read this on like three levels.
    One. Yay. I am not the only one with little control once a plug goes in
    Two. Yay. A man honestly talking about and enjoying prostrate play! (Ok I know you have before but fun fun fun)
    Three. Yay. How sexy was this to read. Very.

  9. Molly says:

    Even though this is not my dynamic this is seriously fucking hot. I often wear my plug out and about but we have never done this while I am…. yet!


  10. delilahnight says:

    They should pay you for that post. I’m thinking that would make a perfect present for my husband.

  11. sub-Bee says:

    My partner has an Aneron (I don’t remember which one) and he loves it too. Because if our dynamic that scene wouldn’t happen for us, one glare has just told me that but he did do something similar with me and a remote control egg while we were having dinner one evening. So much fun even when it did go rogue on us and refused to switch off, it made the walk back to hotel a little ‘interesting’!

  12. Velvet Rose says:

    That appeals to the “Switch” in me 😉

    Velvet x

  13. You had me at, “She was a schoolteacher”….

    This post reminds me: I love the way I can feel myself growing into a better person from reading the work in this writing community. Erotic Super Heroes Unite!

  14. Anya says:

    Wow. Just the thought of doing that to someone is just… Epic

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