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Before the story, a quick PSA. This is my 298th post. A couple of years ago, I did a big Q&A/AMA to mark my 100th post, and I thought I’d do something similar for number 300. That’ll probably land early next week, so if you’d like to contribute a question (or two!), please hit me up via email, DM or the comments section below at some point in the next few days…

I tossed the book down on the pillow, next to her head.


Holly looked back at me over her shoulder, eyes half-closed against the morning sunlight streaming in between the curtains.

“Mm, can’t you read to me instead?”

I pulled the duvet to one side and ran my hand up the inside of her leg, till I reached her soft, round arse. Holly shifted against the sheet, her hips pressing into it and lifting her buttocks up towards me, streaks of cum still visible on her pale skin, despite the hours spent sleeping off the previous night’s session. Ignoring the implied invitation, I pointed again at the slim paperback.

“Go on, pick a story. One you like. One that gets you off.”

I’d found the anthology in a stack on her bedside table, underneath a couple of well-thumbed airport thrillers. It was called ‘Three-Stop Sex’ and promised a collection of erotic stories that could be read – and presumably enjoyed – while travelling three stops or fewer on the Tube. Even though Holly kept a bullet vibe in her handbag, I wasn’t sure she was quite brave enough to masturbate on a packed rush-hour train, but just the thought of her doing so was enough to make me set aside the book for future use.

“Ok, but if you’re just going to sit there and wank while I read to you, I…”

Holly broke off and buried her head in the pillow as I used my thumbs to spread open her arse cheeks. Lowering my head, I swiped my tongue down between her legs, the familiar taste hitting me a split-second before her body stiffened under my hands.

“You were saying?”

I smiled into her cunt, resisting the instinctive urge to find her clit with my lips. I knew Holly would be greedy for it, especially after spending most of the previous evening with her mouth around my cock, but that was all the more reason to wait.

Holly grabbed at the book, flicking a middle finger back at me as she did so.

“Bastard. How am I meant to focus on anything right now, let alone reading filth?”

I stayed silent, enjoying the warmth radiating from her skin. I could feel it trembling a little; a hum of anticipation mixed with the effort of propping herself up like that, legs splayed. Holly loved and hated being teased, in equal measure, which made the whole thing even more fun for me; finding the sweet spot – the moment where every inch of her ached for more – without triggering her natural impatience was an art I’d had to learn (often the hard way), and which I knew I’d never quite perfect.

As I let my hand rest on her arse, Holly found the page she’d been looking for, and began to read.

She tied him to the chair slowly, carefully, her fingers pulling the knots just tight enough to dig into his arms and chest…”

I closed my eyes and listened to her voice. It was steady and rich, a smooth cadence carrying none of the tension that vibrated from her body into mine.

“…his cock was already hard, and she leaned down to kiss the head, her lipstick leaving a scarlet smudge on the dark skin…”

I lifted two fingers to my mouth and sucked loudly, knowing Holly would hear the squelch and pop as they slid between my lips and emerged slick with saliva. Cupping her pubic mound with one hand, I let my fingertips brush over her labia, then pushed one inside her, up to the first knuckle. Her cunt gripped eagerly, the way it always did on the first long thrust of my cock – a sort of big, squeezing hug, as if it was afraid to let go.

“…securely bound, he watched her walk down the stairs and into the living room below, her naked arse swaying in front of him…fuck…”

Holly fumbled at the page, turning it over just as I added a second finger. I started to work them in and out of her cunt, a little deeper each time, trying to match my rhythm to the rise and fall of her voice. She was wet enough that when my thumb found her clit it slipped off again almost immediately, and I felt my cock jump in response.

“…she waited on her knees in front of the door – she must have left a key outside – and when it opened he saw…he saw…”

Scooching closer, I pulled my hand out from under her and using it to expose her arsehole. I waited for Holly to continue reading, then let a large bubble of spit fall from my lips, down between her cheeks. She flinched as it landed, a jolt that forced her cunt all the way onto my fingers and dipped her head down, away from the book.

“Ahhhh, fuck, are you going to…? Please…”

I circled her arse with my thumb, smearing spit across the entrance and adding more with my tongue. I thought about pushing a third finger inside her cunt, but I knew I’d lose her if I went too fast, and I wanted to hear more of the story before reaching that point.

“…she unzipped the stranger’s jeans and his cock sprang out, long and thick in front of her…face. She didn’t hesitate – her lips opened around it and didn’t…stop until they reached the base…”

Holly felt for my hand with hers, but I caught her wrist and held it tight to her back. Drops of sweat gathered along her spine as I pinned her in place. I pressed down with my fingers, feeling her cunt respond to each firm stroke, soft and plump with need.

Tugging at my boxers, I freed my cock and leaned forward far enough to rub it against her arse. Holly growled and tried to squirm loose, shaking her arm in frustration when I just squeezed harder.

“This isn’t fair. I need it…I…shit… She sat back, and he watched from his vantage point as the stranger lifted her up and bent her over the arm of the sofa. She moaned when his big cock filled her, and…”

I slid another finger inside Holly’s cunt and nudged my thumb up to her clit, where the thrusting motion of my hand grazed it back and forth. I realised I was holding my breath, almost hypnotised by the way her voice was breaking down a little more with each passing sentence, the words forced and ragged as she spat them into the pillow.

I fought a sudden urge to wrap her hair around my fist and yank her head up; to take her right there and then, flinging the book to one side as I rammed into her. Instead I released her wrist and added fresh saliva to my thumb, supplemented by a squeeze of lube from the bottle next to the bed.

“…his own cock strained, pre-cum leaking from the tip. In the room below, she arched her back and begged the stranger to fuck her harder, deeper…fuck, yes…he grunted his arousal down at her, his buttocks flexing each time her drove his thick cock inside her tight pussy…”

Holly flicked at the page again, her fingers clumsy and weak. I could tell she was close, and as she paused for a second, her eyes scanning the words in front of them, I slowly filled her arse with my thumb.

“Not yet, love. Don’t come yet.”

I worked both hands together, feeling them rub together along her vaginal wall as her cunt and arse pulsed and throbbed. Sweat flew off my forehead onto her back, and I tried to ignore the ache in my arms, the swell of my cock.

“…she gasped as the stranger withdrew, and dragged her onto the floor in front of him. Her mouth was still open when he came, the hot jizz flying through the space between them to coat her lips and tongue…oh oh oh…”

Holly dropped the book and scrunched the bedsheet between her fingers as she came. She holds the high note of her orgasms like an opera singer, letting them flow through her, and I knew I could fuck her all the way into a second and a third if I kept going like that.

Just then though, she sighed – a deep, shuddering gasp of pleasure – and all my self-control disappeared. Moving my hands to her hips, I pulled her onto my cock.

“Fuck yes, that’s it. Just fuck me now, I need you to fuck me.”

I took Holly with rough, jerking thrusts, feeling her arse smack against me and her cunt clench around my cock. We both knew I wouldn’t last long, and she reached between her legs to stroke her clit as I felt my thighs tense.

Afterwards I flopped down onto her, then pulled her round into a spooning hug. The book lay open at the side of the bed, and I saw that she’d made it all the way to the final few paragraphs before tossing it aside.

“I wonder what happened after she untied him,” I said, and Holly mumbled something into my arm. I kissed her neck and shifted position, enough to see the sly grin spreading across her face. She turned to look me in the eye.

“I said maybe you’ll find out one day. Don’t think for one second that you’re the only one who knows how to tease…”

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  1. Ooo! That made me growl in a delicious way.

  2. oh my!!! that’s one hot read (kinda wishing I wasn’t on my own now)
    BMN x

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