Wear Sunscreen

This is a bit rough – I set myself the challenge of writing a piece of flash fiction in under an hour, and got a bit carried away with the word count – but I’m so relieved to have actually finished a story that I’m going to post it anyway…

She stepped into her netball skirt and turned to face me.

“What do you think? Too short? Hey, it’s roasting out there this evening – can you do my shoulders before I go?”

I looked her up and down as she flipped the cap on the bottle of sunscreen. I’m not often lost for words, but the way the sunlight streamed through the open window and rippled over her high, full tits sent every vaguely coherent thought tumbling out of my head. Just as well really – even if I’d wanted to say something at that point, my mouth was suddenly far too dry to form the words.

“Here – come on, I need to get moving.”

I recovered my composure in time to take the bottle from her hand and squeeze lotion out onto my palm. Pale tan lines wove their way across her freckled skin and I fought a strong – almost primal – urge to trace one of them with my tongue. I knew that if I tasted her like that, I wouldn’t be able to stop till my face was wedged between her legs, breathing in as much of her as my lungs could take.

Her hair was already pulled back into a ponytail, which she lifted up and held against her head, exposing the back of her neck. I started there, my fingers working the lotion right up to the hairline, and round onto her smooth, sun-dark shoulders. She sighed – a quiet, simple breath of pleasure – and without thinking I took a half-step backwards, painfully aware of the stiffening bulge in the front of my jeans.

“Uh, how far down do you want me to go?”

She didn’t reply – instead she leaned forward, sending my hands a few inches down her back, onto her shoulder blades. I kept rubbing, palms flat and moving methodically over her skin in small circles. When I reached the hem of her skirt, she stood up again and spun round on one foot.

“Front too. Especially this bit here, around my collarbone.”

This time I squeezed the lotion directly onto her body, three creamy-white blobs that looked positively obscene smeared over the tops of her perfect breasts. She looked down at them and paused for a second, then held my gaze with a wicked smile on her face.

“I hope you’re planning to coat them in something else when I get back later…”

I growled – a noise that even I was surprised to hear come out of my mouth. Without thinking, I fanned my hands out over her tits and stroked them with my thumbs, feeling their weight and warmth. My cock twitched violently, and I clenched my thighs in an effort to stop my hips thrusting up towards her.

With theatrical slowness, she tapped her fingers over the rough denim, one-by-one. I tried to focus on covering her neck and chest with the cream, but my hands shook as she started to twist open the buttons that covered my crotch.

“I really do have to leave very soon…”

As she breathed the words into my t-shirt, something inside me snapped. I pushed her onto the bed, reaching down to tug at her skirt the second her back hit the mattress. She bounced up far enough to finish opening my jeans, ripping open the last couple of buttons and curling her hand around my cock.

I grabbed her forearm and lifted it clear, then stepped out of my jeans. My cock throbbed with urgent, almost painful arousal; I didn’t just want her, I needed her, and I knew she could see that written on my face.

“Yes, fucking do it. Fuck me right now.”

I pinned her arms over her head and used my knee to force her legs open. This wasn’t a time to tease – slow and gentle could wait for later in the evening.

I didn’t need fingers to check how wet she was – her cunt glistened as she pushed her hips towards me. It was a demand, not an invitation, and I slammed my cock all the way inside her with one long, straining thrust. Our mouths found each other just in time to muffle a shared moan and I bit hungrily at her bottom lip, feeling her squeeze my length as her legs wrapped round my arse, pulling me in even deeper.

My orgasm built quickly – too quickly, I thought, and I squeezed my eyes shut in an effort to hold it back.

“No, don’t stop. Don’t wait. Just come inside me. I want your cum.”

I looked down as she licked a finger and used it to skim over her clit. Watching her masturbate with my cock inside her was so hot that I nearly lost it right there. My thighs shook as I fucked her harder and harder, and sweat flew off my hair and chest like raindrops, splashing onto her skin.

When she came around me, nothing on Earth could have stopped the climax that followed. I pushed all the way inside her and she shuddered against the bed, her face buried in my neck. I let go of her wrists and used my hand to steady myself above her, then arched my back and filled her with everything I had. It pumped and spurted deep in her tight cunt, and for a few seconds nothing else in the whole world mattered – I never wanted that feeling to end.

As I slowly withdrew, she kissed my forehead and brushed the matted hair away from my face.

“I really want you to lick me out right now, but if you do that I’ll basically never leave.”

I stood up and pulled her to her feet. My cock was still hard and she ran her fingers over it, scooping the last few drops of cum from the tip. Her skirt was on the floor by the bed and I bent down, ready to help her back into it. When my face was level with her cunt, I heard her breath catch. Her inner thighs were shiny and sticky with cum, and I could see her clit, soft and fat, just inches away. I picked up the skirt, extended my arm, and tossed it across the room.

“Hey, what are you…ahhhh…”

“Yeah,” I said, moving my tongue away from her cunt for just long enough to look up at her. “Netball’s cancelled tonight.”

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  1. Um… I don’t even know what netball is but I would like to (not) play right now!!

  2. Lady Eiluj says:

    You’re sure you haven’t done that for real? Very nice indeed …..hmmm just sort myself out 😉
    Lady E x

  3. Jo says:

    Fuck – this is so hot!!! It’s going to be difficult to concentrate on work after reading this…

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