Ready, set, write! (The entries)

As a sign of how hectic(/disorganised) my life is right now, it’s taken me two whole weeks to add this list of contest entries – apologies to everyone who’s already submitted! Here you’ll find links to all the stories that have been posted publicly, as well as details of the ones I’ve been sent by email – I may create a separate space to publish those, so keep an eye out for that.

I’ve not yet read any of the entries (I like to save them all till judging time), but I hope you enjoy them – given the calibre of the authors involved, I think that’s pretty much a given!

  1. Yorkshire Puddings, by Hannahlects
  2. Plait, by Hannah Lockhardt
  3. On the Cake, by Luda Jones
  4. Jaffa Cakes, by Anonymous
  5. Plaited, by Brekken Jameson
  6. Plait, by @19syllables
  7. The Viennese Whirl, by Scanderella
  8. Amuse-Bouche, by Hannahlects
  9. The Chocolate Loaf, by @BibulousOne
  10. Drizzle, by SubsMissives
  11. Gingerbread, by Helen Scott
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