Sinful Sunday: Merry Christmas!

For nearly 200 years, wreaths have been used to celebrate Christmas and welcome visitors to the house during the festive season.

Traditionally those wreaths are candlelit, but modern technology has intervened in recent years to provide a more convenient (and less flammable) form of illumination.

Still, while fairy lights have their own twinkly charm, they lack the plain heft and solidity of a proper Christmas candle. The welcome they give is bright and charming, but also just a little insubstantial. It carries less weight.

This year we decided our wreath needed one minor modification, in order to give it a proper festive presence. Something to add a harder edge to all that light and colour. Something like this.

I hope everyone reading this has a very merry Christmas, and that you all find something exciting (or excited…) under the tree!

Sinful Sunday

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14 Responses to Sinful Sunday: Merry Christmas!

  1. Molly says:

    Yep, absolute definite improvement on the wreath there. I love the second image with the light burst between your legs.


  2. Great way to change the wreath into something… exciting 😉

    Merry Christmas!

    Rebel xox

  3. Krystal Minx says:

    Perfectly sturdy wreath hanger you have there!!

  4. Cara Thereon says:

    Excellent modification! Merry Christmas

  5. Eugene Noale says:

    Excellent, as always. What a grand and festive cock ring. These images are instant classics.

  6. Mr. Minx says:

    Festive and bright – love it! Great pics!

  7. Every home should have one. 😉

  8. I need a new wreath hanger! What a festive feel x

  9. Jo says:

    I mean… as long as you’re not lighting it on fire. ^^ Also: hahahaha a *harder* edge! I love the shadow stripes along the side of your body in that second shot!

  10. Oh goodness . . . I want that for next year. Yes that very one please!!!
    Xxx – K

  11. sub-Bee says:

    I think this is a vast improvement on candles 😉

  12. mariasibylla says:

    Ha! This is fab 🙂 I love the wreath, and the candle 🙂

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