It’s two days after Christmas, and she’s getting ready to go back – back to London, back to work, and back to a cold, empty flat at the end of it. My parents’ house is neither cold nor empty; it is quiet though, or maybe just calm and content after a festive period full of life’s most basic pleasures – good food and drink, sleep, comfort, and conversation.

I lift myself out of the mid-afternoon lull (and the armchair in which I’m enjoying it), scoop up my mug of tea, and slip out into the hallway. I pad up the stairs towards my bedroom, tugging at my clothes even before I’ve opened the door. I know she won’t be far behind, so once I’m naked I move quickly. The bag of sex toys has travelled with us from London to Dorset, and now here, but this is the first time I’ve delved inside.

By the time she enters the room I’m under the duvet, with just my head poking out. The mug steams silently on my old chest of drawers – it’ll be cold by the time I pick it up again.

“Take your clothes off and get in here,” I say, and she complies without hesitation, clambering over me before snuggling her perfect, naked body up against mine. I let her get comfortable, pulling her even closer and kissing her neck as her fingers reach for my cock. It takes her no time at all to get me hard; her hand moves with a practised rhythm that I know I’ll soon find almost impossible to resist, especially with the warmth of her skin and the scent of her hair surrounding me.

As good as that would be though, it’s not why I came up here. Not why I hid a roll of bondage tape under one corner of the bed, and definitely not why I left a dildo and lube next to another. Gently but firmly, I lift her fingers off my cock and twist her body round till she’s on her back and I can kneel over her. I reach down for the tape, and by the time she’s registered what’s in my hand I’m already looping it over one of her wrists and wrapping it round the struts that line the headboard.

“Maybe I’ll just leave you here for a bit – go get more tea,” I say, once she’s fully restrained, and she smiles up at me, smug in the knowledge that I couldn’t drag myself away right now even if I wanted to. Even if the house caught fire.

My hand curls under her hair to cup the back of her neck, the base of her skull, and I kiss her hard, my knees still planted either side of her torso. Goosebumps line her thighs and forearms, and she squirms underneath me, but I’m in no great rush. I consider grabbing my camera – she looks even more stunning than usual – until I realise that this is a view I want to keep for myself, just this once. Sometimes it’s ok to be selfish.

Instead I lift myself higher up the bed, one hand gripping the headboard and the other propping her up far enough to take my cock in her mouth. I don’t really give her the chance to suck it properly, but that’s not the point of this position, is it? This is all about the overwhelming sensation of my hips thrusting into her face, and the head of my dick hitting the back of her throat. It’s the gulping breath she has to take each time I withdraw, and the spit that gathers around her mouth and along my length. With her wrists tied to the bed and my cock choking her, it’s hard for her to say “stop, too much, pull out”, so she trusts me to make that decision for both of us. To know when the tipping point has arrived. That in itself is really hot.

As she struggles to regain her composure, I return my focus to her naked body, and all the places I’ve been longing to kiss since I came up here. Once my face is between her legs, I slow down even more. I blow on the hair above her cunt and she wriggles in response, pushing her pelvis up towards me. I bite the insides of her thighs, brush my lips over her clit, and run the tip of my nose down from there till it’s covered in her wetness. She’s so wet, in fact, that I can hear it already, before I’ve pushed anything inside. That fucking horny squelching sound that I love so much, as her cunt grips helplessly at nothing.

“You want it pretty bad, huh?” I say, and fish the dildo out from under the bed. Her reply is midway between a laugh and a groan, an inarticulate mix of surprise, impatience and anticipation. There’s a bottle of lube on the mattress next to me, but I know from licking her that I won’t need it, not now – she’s ready for anything I want to put inside her, and just thinking about that makes my cock twitch with restless need.

Before easing the head of the dildo inside her, I take it in my mouth and push my lips down the shaft, sucking with deliberate, almost exaggerated slowness. Her breath catches and our eyes meet; we both smile as I settle back between her legs. 2017 is going to be So. Much. Fun.

The dildo is large but not grotesque, and it doesn’t take long before it’s buried up to the hilt – there’s been enough teasing, for now at least. My tongue finds her clit, and I move over it in time with the smooth thrusts of the toy inside her.

“Don’t you dare come,” I say. “Not yet, not till you’re told you can do so.”

She’s already arching her back and bucking her hips, but I know she’ll try to do as she’s told. She always does, and I normally reward that compliance – she rarely has to ask more than a handful of times before she’s allowed to come. This time though, two requests are turned down, then a third, a fourth, and I can hear her getting more desperate with each shake of my head, each swirl of my tongue, especially when I jam the dildo all the way in and make her grind down against it.

“Oh please…I want to –“

“Don’t come,” I murmur, knowing full well that we’re almost at the point where she won’t have any choice – where she’ll have to disobey that order, regardless of any potential consequences. This is a new game for us, and maybe she’s still expecting me to back off – or better yet, to give her the permission she’s seeking – but I’m curious now. I want to see what happens when she finally cracks.

I lick her clit more vigorously, and press down on her stomach with my free hand as she tries to push against it. Her orgasm hits hard and I fight to keep my tongue on her cunt – to taste her as she gives herself up to the wave of sensation. It’s fucking glorious.

Afterwards, I try to be stern, but we both know that’s not really my forte. Still, she complies without objection when I tell her to roll onto her stomach – she failed at her task, and that means a spanking is required. I can’t go at her too hard – my parents are downstairs and the walls in this house are not made for heavy impact play – but it’s satisfying nonetheless. Her arse reddens quickly under my hand, till each pale cheek sports a rosy-pink glow, either side of the dildo that I haven’t yet removed from her cunt.


When I turn her back over, I can see that she’s ready to come again – and soon. Kneeling next to her face, I slide my cock into her mouth and reach down to rub her clit with my thumb while my fingers press the base of the dildo against her, holding the toy in place, even when she tries to push it out as she comes.

“I really want to fuck you now,” I say, looking down at her, and she moans around my cock. I roll us both onto our sides and remove the dildo, letting her gasp at the sudden emptiness for just a second or two before replacing it with my cock.

“You’re ridiculously wet, you know that? Your cunt, your arse… In fact, you’re getting my cock so wet that I reckon it would slide into your arse pretty fucking easily at this point.”

One of the things I love most about spooning is the way I can whisper directly into her ear like this, while holding her tight. I’m in total control, and all she can do is push back into my chest and crotch, blindly seeking something to moor against.

My fingers are in her arse now, my cock gripped tight by her cunt, and it would feel so good just to lose it right here and now. I know I won’t last long whatever I do, so I tilt her away from me, bending her at the waist and pulling my cock out and up, moving the tip against her arse.

The head squeezes inside without any effort whatsoever, and after pausing to lube the rest of my cock I slowly ease her all the way onto me.

“What we really need is another cock for your cunt? Can you imagine that? Another guy inside you right now, and your body squeezed between us? That would be so fucking hot.”

The noise she makes at that image largely defies description, so I hand her the dildo and guide it between her legs.

“Fuck yourself with it. Fuck yourself like you’d want him to fuck you.”

It’s barely inside her cunt before I can feel it rubbing against my cock, making her arse even tighter. I’m no longer sure when she’s coming and when she’s not, but I hold on to her for dear life anyway, working my dick in and out as she shudders and shakes.

I have to bite her shoulder when I come, to stop myself crying out loud. I’m dimly aware that I’m probably bruising her hips, so firm is my grip on them, and as we start to disengage everything feels smeared and shiny with lube, sweat, spit and cum. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

We don’t go back downstairs right away. You can’t after a fuck like that, not unless you want everyone to know what you’ve been doing. It doesn’t matter how well you brush and smooth and pat things down – some things just get written on your face and refuse to fade. They light you up from the inside out.

They make you glow.

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17 Responses to Glow

  1. *clears throat* Wow. That was utterly, ridiculously, hot. I’ll be in my bunk!

    xx Dee

  2. Yep… that mug of tea would be ice cold.

  3. Jo says:

    Well… that made all my bits throb. Truth is way hotter than fiction.

  4. Molly says:

    All I have to say about this is… Fuck, yes!


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    Now I want to go home and crawl under the covers and wait for Sir to come home!

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