Scenes of a Sexual Nature (23:13-01:38)

Back in April, Livvy wrote this epic post about our first sex party. We had to wait another six months for our second, but when it did finally come along it was every bit as wild and hedonistic as we’d both hoped.

The theme was ‘Sexy Time Machine’, and the party took place in a photographic studio near Clapham Common. We went as Doctor Who and the TARDIS, and while we both knew our costumes were unlikely to stay on for long, one of us at least looked little short of spectacular.

Whenever I’ve sat down since then to write about that night, I’ve found it impossible to put into words the sheer fucking hotness of everything we did there – or that was done around us. Done to us, in some cases. Even now, it’s still as fragmented on paper as it is in my head – but maybe that’s no bad thing. Maybe that’s just how it has to be.

Here then is (part one) of that post. The first act. After an hour or so of milling around – of drinks and chat with total strangers and people we sorta, kinda recognised – we found a comfy corner from which to enjoy the start of the evening’s entertainment. From there, things started to unravel, in the best possible way…


We watch the cabaret from the back of the room, hidden behind a crowd of people. We’re perched on the edge of a mattress, so all we get are glimpses of the various performers, between the bodies. It doesn’t matter. They’re actually really good, but this isn’t why we came here, and it doesn’t take long for my fingers to find their way under her dress and inside her cunt.

We’re not breaking any rules, and no-one can see us, but this still feels transgressive – as if we’ve snuck into the kitchen at a posh banquet and started stuffing our faces while the other guests are busy drinking champagne next door. Liv squirms and shuffles, already so wet that I struggle to get any purchase on her clit. When she’s like this, her orgasms seem almost effortless; I push her down onto the bed and try to muffle the noise with my lips.


We’re on the second mattress of five, with clothes and bodies strewn around us. I’m distracted and a little overstimulated: there’s too much to look at, too much to take in, and I have to make a conscious effort to bring myself back to the moment. Livvy is straddling my thighs, her mouth working my cock, but I want her closer to me; I need to kiss her, and hold her face against mine, just to shrink the world back down to a familiar, manageable size. I pull her up and position her cunt over the straining tip of my dick. She throws her weight onto my hands, trying to take everything at once. Impatient. Greedy. Always so fucking greedy. I smile into her mouth and let go, then wrap an arm around her waist to catch her as she falls.


A couple next to us are trying to have their first threesome. She’s giggly and flushed, the nervous energy almost pulsing out of her. Young, I think – maybe early 20s. He’s scanning the room, looking for a guy he knows. Someone to help them out. Liv and I are wedged against the wall, her legs wrapped round me and her clit grinding against the base of my cock. I glance over to see another man crawl across the bed towards them. Pretty soon he has his head between her legs while she sucks off her partner with obvious enthusiasm. When he’s rock hard and panting, the two men switch places and she takes the stranger’s cock deep in her throat. Her hair is damp with sweat and her body is almost vibrating – the more they touch her, the more frenzied she gets, until they have to physically hold her in place to stop her shaking with each orgasm.


There’s a lithe, toned blonde guy floating between couples on the row of mattresses. He fetches drinks, hands out lube, and seems to know everyone around us. They’re relaxed in his presence – he’s one of those people, y’know. His sunny warmth is infectious. I clock him early, and wonder…

By the time we’re in his orbit, I’m fucking Livvy hard again, her legs on my shoulders. I flip her over and look up at him as my cock finds its way back inside her. How does one do this, I wonder? What’s the etiquette? I clear it with Liv first. “I want to see you to suck his cock,” I whisper. “Will you do that for me?” A quick nod. Yes, yes she will.

It turns out to be very easy. This is a sex party, after all. I ask and his face lights up again – why wouldn’t it? She reaches for his cock and I fuck her onto it. I watch his eyes roll back – yeah mate, she’s precisely that good – but I’m the one who’s really struggling, especially when I feel her come like that, pressed between our bodies. I don’t last much longer, not with the sight of his fat dick sliding between her lips and her cunt squeezing me tighter with every thrust. It’s too hot, too intense, too new and exciting – I pull her back onto my cock one final time and close my eyes…


His head is shaved and his torso bristles with taut, wiry strength. He’s still wearing the big false eyelashes that presumably formed part of his costume; they should make him look ridiculous, but instead somehow lend an impossibly glamorous, otherworldly air to his whole appearance. We’re fuck-drunk by this point – slumped against the wall, after two hours of kissing and fingering, sucking and banging. Watching is all we can do. For now, at least.

She makes no attempt to hide how much she wants him. She squirms and wriggles when he tongues her clit, then scrambles onto her knees and swallows his huge cock with a gleeful, vocal hunger. He looks down with obvious delight, a sentiment which I’m pretty sure is mirrored on my face as I stare at them.

They fiddle with a condom – the regular ones are too restrictive apparently, so he produces one of his own from somewhere, and they get back down to it. “I’m so wet,” she says, and rolls over onto hands and knees. “Fuck me now.” She seems tiny all of a sudden; dwarfed by his looming, muscular presence. There’s a slight wince as he enters her, and her mouth forms a perfect O at the end of his first, long stroke. I’ve no idea whether she knows him. Whether she’s taken that cock before. He settles into her, his thighs either side of her arse, and starts to thrust. Within seconds, the wince is gone, and only a look of intense, immersive pleasure remains.


There’s a new woman on our bed, stretched out at the other end to us. She’s naked, her tits pointing at the ceiling, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone look quite so glamorous without any clothes. It’s like there’s a halo of light around her body.

“Will one of you come here and kiss me?” She says it with such confidence that it’s not really a question. Livvy and I look at each other for a couple of seconds, unsure how to proceed, before I shrug my shoulders and shuffle across the bed. Her name is Claire and she arches her back as my lips brush hers, then leans up into the kiss, pushing her tongue gently into my mouth and curling a hand around my head.

Between her legs, a dark-haired man eats her out with obvious enthusiasm. I can taste her soft moans, and as my cock starts to stir I wonder whether this is turning Liv on too. I don’t have to wait long for an answer.

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  1. I suppose I’m impressed that you noticed time at all during this evening/morning. I am fairly certain I would not have.

  2. Jo says:

    “Fuck-drunk” – I love it!

  3. I’ve been to (and hosted) many a party like this. “Fuck-drunk” – That sums it up perfectly.


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