February 2nd: Statue

I don’t yet have much of a plan for the next 27 days, but I do at least know that every Thursday I want to post a re-edited (and hopefully improved!) version of an old Sinful Sunday photo. That’s not just a way to avoid creating original content; we get better at photography (at many things, in fact) by going back and applying a critical eye to our own work – and by the same token, we get to see how far we’ve come, or where we’ve improved, which is always a nice little confidence boost.

I initially picked out a couple of my favourites from 2014: this photo, taken in the bedroom doorway of my flat in Warsaw, and this one from my old boss’ office, taken late at night during my last week at the company. I may still use one or both for future Throwback Thursdays, especially as Molly kindly sent me a kickass edit of the doorway shot; however, when I sat down to have another look at them this morning I decided to go in a different direction.

There aren’t many photos on my blog that I actively dislike, but the one I’ve chosen for today’s post falls into that category. It was taken with my old Blackberry, so it’s super-grainy, and the composition isn’t great, all of which makes me fairly unhappy. The main problem though is that it’s completely lifeless! It’s stiff, awkward, and doesn’t actually look like I’m enjoying a sexy shower that I’d like to share with the viewer – which was kind of the point. Despite the generally kind comments BTL, it’s just not a very good photo.

So I decided today that if I was going to look like a statue, I should probably go the whole hog and make that the point of the photo. Forget about being inviting, and turn it into something cold and hard – get that lifelessness to work for me, rather than having it strip the image of any erotic value. I thought about a museum courtyard or basement and a crumbling relic of a Grecian nude, sitting on a plinth with its head and legs missing. Just a white stone torso, gritty and rough where it used to be smooth and polished. I have no idea whether the edit below achieves all (or even any) of that, but I do know that I greatly prefer it to the original!


Febraury Photofest
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5 Responses to February 2nd: Statue

  1. Atiya says:

    you have a thing for showing your cock and I have a thing for looking at it.
    Love it!

  2. silverdomuk says:

    I love this edit – great image!

  3. JankyB says:

    I like this one much more than the original, especially after reading the thought process behind it. It’s not an inviting photo but now I think the coldness really does work for you. That’s a great idea for the Thursday picture byi the way, I may steal it.

  4. Wow. This is a statue I’d like to have in my yard – or my bedroom 🙂

    xx Dee

  5. I like this new edit a lot!

    Rebel xox

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