February 21st: Bound

While in New York last month, we popped into the Mercer Street branch of Babeland, a well-known, women-friendly sex shop that I knew well from previous trips. Liv had promised me something filthy as a late Christmas present, and after careful deliberation we left a short time later with a bag containing this little beauty, the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System.

I’ve had my eye on that piece of kit for a while, so pretty much as soon as we’d got back home and moved into our new flat, I bundled Liv into bed and had a very good time teasing, edging and fucking her, as she lay splayed out on the mattress. In fact, that’s what led to this photo from earlier in the month.

Anyway, tonight it was my turn to have wrists and ankles strapped into the four adjustable cuffs. Completely unable to move, I watched Liv suck my cock – slowly, deliberately, and with absolutely no intention of letting me come in her mouth – then tease her cunt over the tip as I desperately tried to thrust up inside her. By the time she’d ground down onto me for long enough to come herself, her hair swishing against my face and chest, I was ready to rip the whole system out from under the mattress and fuck her really hard.

So I did.


Febraury Photofest
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