February 23rd: Spreadeagle

It’s the last Throwback Thursday of this month-long photo project, and to mark that I’ve dug out one of my favourite photos from the four years I’ve been blogging. It was taken at the request of that devilishly creative genius, Oleander Plume, back when I was coming to the end of my notice period in Warsaw. To take it, I snuck into the office late at night, with only the faint noise of the cleaner’s hoover for company, and set up camp in the president’s spacious, stylish office.

The rest was pretty straightforward – and a lot of fun. I left 15 minutes later on a bit of a high, buzzing with adrenaline and incredibly horny. I think as much as anything else, I was turned on by just how filthy and seedy it felt, and with this edit I’ve tried to capture just a little bit of that mood. Let me know what you think…

Febraury Photofest
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  1. little one says:

    That photo reaches into my exhibitionist and voyeuristic soul and growls, “Come and get it!” 💜

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