February 25th: Blur

Phone camera are stupendously good these days. Better lenses, high resolution, sharp in all kinds of light – they allow us to take professional quality photos with little more than a casual tap or click.

The quality level is so high, in fact, that it’s almost a surprise when they fail. When they don’t quite focus in time, or the detail isn’t quite there. Normally that means instant deletion and on to the next shot, but occasionally – once in a blue moon – it kinda…works.

Dick pics, after all, don’t have to be a work of art. Sometimes all you’re trying to say is “I want you”, or “you get me hard”, or even “hey, stop tidying and come to bed right now…”

In those instances, perfectionism can feel unnecessary. It’s more about just capturing a moment and running with it – smudgey 70s blur and all. Kinda like this…

Febraury Photofest
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