Habla con ella (audio version!)

Ever since I first attended Eroticon back in 2014, one of my favourite bits of the entire weekend (and there are many contenders for that honour) has been the Sunday afternoon erotica readings, hosted by the indomitable Zak Jane Keir.

This year, a baker’s dozen of writers and bloggers – from published authors to nervous beginners – took to the microphone to share their work, and I was one of them. I went with this story, which I wrote in 2015 and had largely forgotten about, until I dug it out of a folder on Sunday morning. Appropriately enough, it will be two years old tomorrow – for that reason and many others, I’m really glad I got the chance to stand up and read it out to such a warm, welcoming conference audience.

Anyway, the lovely Exposing 40 was kind/sadistic enough to record my performance on her phone, and while I have no desire to listen to it myself, I’m assured that the sound quality is decent enough to put it up here for anyone who loves erotica but didn’t make it to Arlington House this time round. Or who’s just curious to know what I sound like. Please be kind…

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