Sinful Sunday: Home Furnishings

Over the last few years, ‘-porn’ has become a popular suffix, especially on the internet. Food-porn, property-porn, holiday-porn; you name it, if it’s something we crave, aspire to, or merely enjoy looking at, you’ll find the word ‘porn’ after it somewhere online. Probably Instagram. Or Pinterest.

Maybe it’s a sign of age, but recently I’ve found myself scrolling through pages of bookcases, shelving units, and assorted soft furnishings. That’s what happens when you move house, I guess – though lord knows, we do not need any more bookcases. There’s plenty out there to admire, whether you’re looking for antiques, checking out some of the boutique/independent stores around London, or just sticking with the likes of Habitat and I**A. Some of it is even pretty sexy. But pornographic? Eh, I’m not so sure…

Of course it doesn’t take much to make furniture hot – you really don’t have to try too hard. And sometimes – sometimes – it’s more just about getting other things hard…

(photo via Exposing40)

Sinful Sunday
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7 Responses to Sinful Sunday: Home Furnishings

  1. Molly says:

    OK, I awarded myself a some observational points while reading this because even before I scrolled down to see the image credit I knew this was taken at her house because of the wall paper behind you.
    Brilliant image though and my secret ‘porn’ vice is oddly beautiful bathrooms

  2. Wonderful sofa porn going on. Brilliant

  3. You make the furniture quite sexy indeed!

  4. L. Rorschach says:

    I am loving that wallpaper! The chair is pretty amazing, too.
    …And I’m also liking what I see in the chair. 😁

  5. mariasibylla says:

    This type of photo would liven up many a home goods catalogue!

  6. You probably just put the porn in ‘Furniture Porn’.

  7. sub-Bee says:

    Is it bad that I noticed the flamingoes first! But I agree with the others, this would certainly brighten up and furniture catalogue.

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