Scenes of a Sexual Nature (01:38-03:07)

This is my third post for Smutathon 2017! It’s also the follow-up to this post from January, about a sex party Livvy and I attended last autumn. I’ve been meaning to finish my account of that night for a while now, and this feels like as good a time as any. If you missed the original post at the time, do go and check it out before you read any further!

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By the time I break the kiss and crawl back across the bed, I’m ready to fuck. To my surprise, Claire follows, pulling away from the guy between her legs and positioning herself next to Liv’s left shoulder. I can see what she wants to do, and I’m curious to see how Liv will respond; this is definitely out of her comfort zone, and I don’t want to push her either way.

Instead I leave them to it, and scoot down far enough to hook one of Liv’s legs over my shoulder, exposing her cunt. As I dip my head to taste it again, I can see Claire bending down to kiss her. I want to know what she’s thinking, what she’s feeling. Is this new and exciting? Scary? Surreal? All of the above?? Either way, she’s really fucking wet, though I guess some of that is me – I can still taste my cum on her skin, and that just makes me want to push my tongue even deeper inside.

With my chin coated in her juices, I hold Liv’s thighs wide apart and zero in on her clit. Claire’s mouth muffles the sound she makes as I start to lick her – somehow that just makes it even sexier.


Claire’s friend has joined us too. I find that out when I look up to see him kissing Liv’s tits, his hands moving over them and a look of concentration on his face. I love the energy we seem to be pulling in from around the room. There’s no time to stop and think right now – we’re just reacting to each new opportunity, each new experience. Doing what feels good in the moment, rather than allowing ourselves to be consumed by doubt.

It’s liberating, and not just in the way you’d expect it to be. We’re both ‘think before you act’ people. Both naturally cautious, though maybe less so when it comes to sex. To operate entirely off-grid, without a plan – without much control, even, over what (or who) comes next – well, that’s not how we tend to roll. I guess rules are made to be broken, especially when you can break them in such a safe, warm, welcoming environment.


If eating Liv out while strong hands pinned her to the bed was hot because I couldn’t see what was going on, fucking her like that is equally enjoyable because I can. I can watch that guy play with her tits, and I can look over at Claire as she shuffles back to position her cunt against the tip of someone else’s cock. She doesn’t break eye contact, even when he thrusts into her – she’s in perfect control of her body, and she knows it. I can feel my dick twitch inside Liv, already impatient.

I pull my eyes away from Claire and check in with Liv. Everything ok? A quick nod. Yes, yes it is. Ok doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Another question, this time from our new friend, as I flop down next to Liv.

“Can I taste her?”

I definitely want to see that, and Liv doesn’t look like she’s going to run out of energy any time soon. That impression is confirmed when she reaches for my cock and pulls it up towards her mouth. It’s like we’ve flipped things round from earlier in the evening, only this time it’s me she’s sucking off, while another guy enjoys her cunt. He’s lapping at it with his full tongue, and each time she squirms under him I can feel her moan around me.

Kneeling over her gives me full control over the pace and depth with which I fuck her mouth. It also means my hands are free to pinch her nipples and press her torso into the bed, leaving her helpless against the different sensations we’re inflicting on her. Next to me, Claire beckons a fourth man over. He positions himself in front of her, his cock already hard, and she sucks it greedily, using her elbows to brace herself against each firm thrust from the guy behind her. I reach over and stroke her hair, then curl my fingers around the dick in her mouth, holding it in place. Her lips slide down to brush against my skin.

Six of us are now joined together at hip and groin. Hand and mouth. Cock and cunt. A glorious, writhing mass of bodies. Four of them I’d never met before tonight, and there’s every chance I’ll never see them again once we’re done. For now though – well, for now it’s fucking heaven. In every sense.


More people have made their way over to our cluster of mattresses, and there’s an hour of the party still to go, but we’re done. Spent. Ready for an actual bed. On another night, it would feel like we were leaving just as everything was properly kicking off, and I’d wonder what we were about to miss. This is not that night. It’s hard to get FOMO when you’ve just spent four hours doing that.

No, on this occasion we’re happy to leave them to it. To melt into the darkness, leaving behind us the brightest of lights. Filled with the afterglow.

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