Sinful Sunday: Good Dick Day

We all have good hair days. We all have bad hair days. The same goes for skin, butts, and really any element of our physical appearance that’s linked in some way to self-confidence or body image – which kinda makes sense. The more time you spend scrutinising or judging something about yourself, the more likely you are to construct a spectrum on which to assess it (whether that’s ultimately healthy/helpful or not).

On Friday, I had a Good Dick Day.

After some great sex the night before, followed by eight hours of largely undisturbed sleep, I woke up feeling cheerful and positive. I worked from home in the morning, which meant camping out on the sofa in my dressing gown, with free and easy access to my body.

As my fingers idly brushed over my stomach and pressed into the base of my cock, I suddenly became aware of how warm and sensitive it felt. When I squeezed my hand around the thickening shaft, there was a stress-toy quality to the texture – squishy but somehow firm at the same time, with a level of ‘give’ that just made me want to keep flexing my fingers.

So I did.

I’d been playing for a while (and I mean playing – lazy and without real intent) when I noticed how clearly defined everything was. The wide, blue vein that gathers like a river from its various tributaries, and flows down the right side of the shaft, was puffy with blood. The coronal ridge jutted out so far that I could comfortably press my thumb up underneath it. There was a taut, unyielding quality to my erection itself; it strained and pulled without effort or encouragement on my part, as if it was testing how far the skin around it could stretch.

On that point, it’s important to note that dick image is rarely just about size (thank God!). We’re conditioned to attach many descriptors to the penis, some more positive than others, but as I’ve written before, visually appealing is not one of them. As a society, we think of it as strong, powerful, ‘manly’ (with all its questionable connotations), but also as functional, weird, or even ridiculous. Important, but ugly. A blunt tool: effective, but flawed in both design and appearance.

On Good Dick Days, none of those labels enter my thinking; instead, I focus on enjoying that part of my body for the way it feels, and for what it looks like. I’m able to find pleasure in the subtle changes in colour and texture that take place as it swells and throbs. I can study the network of purple venules that cross the shaft like lines on a map, ferrying blood into those thirsty veins. Most of all, I find that my own arousal is enhanced by the way I feel towards and about my dick. It becomes a virtuous cycle; a way of flushing happiness through my body, regardless of whether I have an orgasm as part of it.

And what’s not to love about that?

Sinful Sunday
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10 Responses to Sinful Sunday: Good Dick Day

  1. Annie Savoy says:

    The clarity and color of this photo makes your dick look monumental. In every sense. It’s lovely

  2. Molly says:

    I can certainly relate to the ‘good days’ phenomenon and how it can effect how I feel about my body but I don’t think it is ever a feeling I have had about my cunt but then I guess the biology of our bodies are such that a woman’s visual relationship with her cunt if very different from a mans


    • exhibitunadorned says:

      I think you’re right about the visual relationship being different – we don’t go a single day without looking at (*having* to look at) our cocks, whereas I know a lot of women literally go years without properly studying their cunts in the mirror etc.

      That said, after I tweeted the other day, I had a message from a woman who said she absolutely has good/bad cunt days, so it clearly is a thing for some people 🙂

  3. Molly says:

    That should say… from a mans with his penis, otherwise it implies a mans relationship with a woman’s cunt


  4. MariaSibylla says:

    God damn! Those veins are so great! This is a gorgous pic of of gorgeous dick. And can I just say how much I love the word dick? I love cock too, but dick doesn’t get used enough, I think, not in this context. I’m a fan, all around.

  5. May More says:

    Great photo – I kinda am happy with the way my cunt looks but do certainly have good and bad day relaionship with other parts of my body…

  6. Bee says:

    I just had to have a conversation about this to see if it was a male/female divide thing. Neither of us have experienced the good cock/cunt day thing. I guess that goes to show well we’re matched!

  7. Jo says:

    This both made me laugh and made me appreciate that we all have days when we feel good about ALL parts of our bodies. I am laughing at a hilarious invasive thought right now that you should rewrite “Invictus” with the ending being “I am the master of my taint / I am the captain of my pole.”

  8. Indigo Byrd says:

    That’s a very impressive dick and a great photo, I like the contrast between all that rampant masculinity and the softer look of your hair and body. Thanks for sharing pic and thoughts. Generally my relationship with my cunt is one of function over form, though occasionally I get out the mirror and check it out. But I hadn’t really thought about men’s relationship with their dicks in the way you describe. I think my equivalent is/are my boobs…

  9. Lovely image! I can relate to the good/bad days. I love it when I have “good boob days,” though that is usually thanks to the shirt that I am wearing.

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