Glow (Reprise)

This year, we don’t have time for a proper session. It’s Boxing Day and that means family time: a leisurely brunch, which starts and finishes at different points for different people; a damp, dreary walk in the park with my baby nephew; dinner around the kitchen table. Time just seems to slip away from us, till before we know it Liv has to pack her suitcase for the trip back to London, and two days of pre-honeymoon work.

I join her in the bedroom, after my shower – not to be helpful, but simply because I like spending time in her company, even when we’re not really doing anything.

Except soon, of course, we are.

It starts out slowly enough. Just my hands on her back and arse, reaching out from my position on the bed as she bends over to push the last few items into her case. She’s in tights and a grey dress, which feels good under my fingers but not quite good enough. Far better is the soft, pale skin at the top of her thighs, and the softer skin between them, and I think Liv feels the same – she perches on the side of the bed and sinks back into me, letting my arms drape round her and my fingers slip under the waistband of her tights.

At this angle, it would be easy just to hold her close as she grinds down against me, but I’m feeling more active than that. I want to feel her body change – her legs squirm and tense, her cunt slicken – and I want to be in control. That means working her gently with my fingers; parting the flesh either side of her clit and making her wait for me to touch it.

Better even than her anticipation is the short, breathy gasps that escape her lips as I play with her cunt. Her body is tense now, and I use my other arm to clamp her in place, tight against my chest. This is one of those times when I appreciate the size difference between us; I like how easy it is to envelop her, to wrap her up in a big, full-body hug as she shudders and squirms. I like it even more when the squirming stops, and I can feel her slip down and away, closer and closer to the edge.

If she wasn’t heading back to London after dinner, that might be the end of it. My fingers on her clit and squeezed inside her cunt, and the satisfaction of feeling her come all over them. A quick straightening of clothes before heading back down to join my family, with the promise of more to come later. Except later is over 24 hours away, and now I want more.

I want her mouth. There’s hardly any room on the floor – my old room isn’t big to begin with, and our suitcases occupy a healthy proportion of the remaining carpet space – but Liv wriggles to her knees anyway and pulls my cock straight between her lips. I ease back onto the mattress, half-watching her, propped up on one elbow as my other hand moves between her shoulder and the tangled mass of curls on her head.

I can tell Liv is horny, because the blow job gets wet and messy very quickly. I can tell I’m horny, because I already know how I’m going to fuck her, and not even her saliva around the base of my cock as I push it deeper inside her mouth is enough to make me wait.

“Up,” I hiss at her, conscious of the thin walls and floors. “Get up and bend over.”

Liv scrambles to her feet and kneels on the mattress, her arse level with the edge of the bed. I move round behind her, cock bobbing – and so stiff that I know this isn’t going to take long. I push Liv’s feet together and peel the black tights over her arse. Her knickers don’t need to come down with them; it’s easier just to pull those to one side, twisted in my fingers like reins – or a harness, to keep her in place.

I always love it when she’s wet enough to drive my cock all the way inside her on the first thrust. The muffled noise Liv makes into my duvet is gratifying acknowledgement that she’s pretty keen on it too, and I tense my thighs in response, ready to fuck her hard. She plants one hand on the bed and pushes back, making each thrust feel even deeper. It’s a neat trick – and an effective one. The rhythm is perfect, letting me take her with long, slow strokes, till we’re both breathing harder and I know I need to check or go all-in…

We were cutting it fine from the moment I let my hand wander across Liv’s arse, and I know she won’t have time to change before dinner. I pull my cock out, ignoring the surprised gasp, and wrap one hand around it, while the other presses into the base of her spine, pinning her in place. I come over her left buttock in three quick spurts, then hold the tip against her as the rest spills out. It’s messy – unnecessary – but so fucking hot, especially when she tries to twist round and watch, but just ends up making little groans of frustration instead.

I pull the tights back up over her arse and fold her dress down to cover them. Liv rolls over and I offer a hand, helping her back to her feet. She’s the picture of respectability as we walk into the kitchen and sit with my family – a seamless switch that’s just one of the many things I love about her. No-one would ever know what we’d just been doing.

Well…almost no-one.

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