February 6th: Revelation (guest post)

I want to include a couple of guest posts in this year’s February Photo Fest, so I was really pleased when a Twitter friend contacted me late last month with an image she wanted to share. I really like this photo – it’s well-composed, confident, and super hot. Pretty good combination if you ask me…


As a curvy woman with really big boobs, I always struggle to find underwear that makes me feel sexy but isn’t impractical or just ridiculously uncomfortable. At the end of last year, I stumbled across some plus-size bralettes in New Look, which proved to be a bit of a revelation – not only did they actually provide decent support, I looked cute as hell in them, and they definitely had the desired effect on the guy I was fucking at the time.

Encouraged by that discovery, I started looking for other lingerie that I could wear to show off my body, rather than merely cover it. This bodysuit from Matalan was a January sale purchase – I love the plunging cleavage, the way it accentuates my curves, and just its sheer, lacy delicacy. It’s a photo in which I both look and feel hot, which is why I wanted to share it with the world.

February Photofest
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2 Responses to February 6th: Revelation (guest post)

  1. Victoria says:

    Yes to more plus-size lingerie and body & fat positivity!

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