February 7th: Naked Boys Reading

A couple of weeks ago, someone alerted me to a wonderful event called Naked Boys Reading, which takes place at a hotel in Shoreditch and ticks SO many of my boxes that I’m frankly amazed I wasn’t aware of it already.

I’ll be in the audience when NBR holds its next set of readings on March 22nd, and with any luck I’ll get the chance to jump up on stage at some point in the future. For now though, I’ll have to do all my naked reading in the privacy of our flat, with just the one keen observer for company…

February Photofest
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6 Responses to February 7th: Naked Boys Reading

  1. Vida says:

    Oo, those are great! I love how your thigh is the main focal point, but then the longer you look, the more things catch your eye 🙂

    No.2 has an exceptionally nice butt-curve too!

  2. Curious about this event. Where is Shoreditch? Can you tell us a bit more??

  3. Tiggersub says:

    The event sounds great. Pics are fun too.

  4. Reading is SO sexy!

    Rebel xox

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