February 9th: Hungry

I like watching her face while she sucks my cock. In those focused, unguarded moments, she’s an open book, and I can see each different emotion – each impulse – that flows through her and rises to the surface.

Anticipation. Determination. Concentration.

Playfulness. Arousal. Joy.

I can see the way her eyes widen and water when I push my cock over her tongue and into her throat.

I can see the conflict pulling at the corners of her mouth as I hold it just out of reach, or smear it over her expectant lips.

But what I love most of all is the way she makes no effort to hide how greedy she is for more. It’s there in the cock-drunk glaze that passes across her eyes when she looks up at me. It’s there in her busy tongue, flicking and searching, trying to pull me in deep.

And it’s there in the soft, red ‘O’ that forms whenever the gap between us closes, elevating one emotion, one impulse, above all others.


February Photofest
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