February 13th: Reflection (guest post)

Last week I published this excellent guest post (and photo), by a friend who wanted to remain anonymous. Later that day I mentioned on Twitter that I was looking to include more guest contributions during February Photo Fest, and one person put her hand up almost immediately. She’s a comedian, a poet, a ragamuffin, a filthpot, and a quite terrifyingly potent combination of wits and tits. She doesn’t have her own sex blog, but as the photo below makes very clear, she’d absolutely smash it if she did. Take it away, Ros Ballinger

As someone who tweets within the kink community under my own name, sadly I’m restricted in what I can share; amongst the absolute georgeosity of #febphotofest, I have to stay hidden.

But I can share a moment of accidental art. A while ago, myself and an old friend booked a hotel room and had a night of fun; something we’d not done in a long time and left us sweaty, panting and exhausted afterwards. The best kind of night.  As I lay recovering, I noticed a serendipitous reflection in my shoes, that had been left on the bed.  So I took a snap.

I can show what I enjoy, even if I can’t show me.

(Bonus points to my friend who when hours before was standing over me and holding my legs in the air, grabbed the block heels of these shoes and said, “I like these. You’ve got handles!”)

February Photofest
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  1. Molly says:

    This is a totally brilliant image and I love it


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