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Tangible Proof of Us (guest post by @katteroo_)

Some guest posts don’t really require an introduction – they’re that good. This is one of them. It was written by my friend @katteroo_, so if it resonates with you in some way, do let her know via Twitter. Trigger/content … Continue reading

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A guide to going down on me (or: three readers respond!)

After I published this post on Wednesday, explaining (in some detail) exactly how to suck my cock, I tweeted a fairly straightforward challenge (well, request) to my vulva-owning readers: Would LOVE to read a version of this from a vulva … Continue reading

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Protected: Beautiful Agony

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A guide to sucking my cock

I was casting around recently for blog ideas, and in the gratifyingly deep pool of suggestions, one floated immediately to the top. It came from a regular reader, who got in touch to request a post on my oral sex … Continue reading

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Introducing Exhibit A

Hello! Regular readers can probably skip this post. After four years and over 400 posts, most of you know who I am (well…kinda), what I write, and what you can expect to find here. If you’re visiting my blog for … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday (Anonymous): Steps

This week, I’m turning over my Sinful Sunday post to one of my Twitter followers, who contacted me recently with this request: I quietly follow Sinful Sunday, and it feels like a safe and mutually supportive environment, full of good … Continue reading

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Camden Drinks – Thursday 10th August

Attention all! Or all who live in/near London, anyway. As I mentioned in this blog post a few months ago, Liv and I are doing Streak for Tigers again this year. The event is next Thursday (10th August), and there … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Scottish Tourist Board

Visit Scotland! Seriously, visit Scotland. Come here for Edinburgh and Glasgow, sure – and even for lovely, un-lovely Dundee, the city of jute, jam and journalism – but come most of all for the wide open spaces in-between.  You’ll find … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Library

The library door was thick and none of the ordinary sounds that might have reminded them, might have held them back, could reach them. They were beyond the present, outside time, with no memories and no future. There was nothing … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Dip

This month’s Sinful Sunday prompt is the letter D, which throws up all sorts of interesting and obvious possibilities. Dick. Dildo. Doggy. Dungeon (we have a cellar, after all!). Dom. Domme… For anyone wanting to steer clear of nouns, there … Continue reading

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