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On Sexting

I got my first mobile phone when I was 22 – and not by choice. I spent the last few months of my gap year between Oxford and Durham running the summer social programme at a language school; among other … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Our House

Ok, it’s not technically our house – but for a short time yesterday afternoon, it was everything we needed in a home. Light, airy, just far enough from the prying eyes of passers-by, and surrounded by a natural vista so … Continue reading

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Glow (Reprise)

This year, we don’t have time for a proper session. It’s Boxing Day and that means family time: a leisurely brunch, which starts and finishes at different points for different people; a damp, dreary walk in the park with my … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem

[cw: death] It’s been a funny 24 hours. Last night, Liv and I went to a carol service in Clapham, organised annually to raise money for a local hospice. It’s held in a beautiful church with a very talented choir, … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Explosion!

It’s a longstanding fantasy of mine to be watched by a group of women as I strip naked and perform according to their instructions, before making a mess all over the floor. I find the whole idea of it so … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Red

There’s something wonderfully rich and decadent about a plush red curtain as a photo backdrop. It fit perfectly with this month’s Sinful Sunday prompt, and as a result I have lots of interesting naked shots from my recent photo session … Continue reading

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December Dick Fest!

Merry Dickmas, everyone! Jingle balls, dick the halls, and ding-dong merrily on high! And of course…fiiiiiiiiiiive gold cock rings! Yep, it’s the most wonderful (pun-derful?) time of the year, but before the big day arrives we all get to enjoy … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Possibilities

“Kneel for me here and get yourself ready. Good boy. Yes, you can touch your cock – I want it nice and hard by the time they arrive. Shhh, you know the rules. No talking, not while you’re naked with … Continue reading

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Erotic Writing Contest: Song Lyrics – THE RESULTS

Ok, you guys really didn’t make this easy! As I said on Twitter yesterday when I announced the names on this shortlist, I was blown away by the quality level on show across all 18 submissions. I feel pretty comfortable … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Bleach

I really like the white wall and washed-out colours in this edit of a photo I took at work the other day. Something about the splashes of brightness on my t-shirt, and the faded blue denim, made me smile when … Continue reading

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