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Dark Sky

I wrote this story back in 2014 for Tamsin Flowers’ advent calendar erotica project. As that seems to have disappeared from her site for the time being, I thought I’d publish it here too, for anyone who didn’t read it … Continue reading

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February 8th: Measuring Up (with a fab guest story by @EuclideanPoint!)

My kinks and fantasies sit on a spectrum from those I’m super-comfortable talking about in public to those that I keep a little (or a lot!) closer to my chest. That’s true for many people, I’m sure, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Scenes of a Sexual Nature (23:13-01:38)

Back in April, Livvy wrote this epic post about our first sex party. We had to wait another six months for our second, but when it did finally come along it was every bit as wild and hedonistic as we’d both hoped. … Continue reading

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Christmas Erotica: Redux!

As some of you may have noticed, I really enjoyed putting together last year’s Christmas Erotica prompts, and reading all of your submissions. Like, really enjoyed it. Picking the prompt each day, from the long list of festive songs that … Continue reading

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Summer Breeze (a Twitter story)

I woke up from a particularly filthy dream this morning, still smelling of oil after last night’s photo/massage session, and with an erection that barely subsided in the 45 minutes it took me to get out of bed, dress for … Continue reading

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One I’m waiting for you to get back here – you said you wouldn’t be long. On the wall in front of me a clock ticks silently round, counting each second that you’re out of the room. You’re only metres … Continue reading

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Ready, set, write! The results!

Ok, the results are in! It’s customary with this kind of contest to begin by emphasising how difficult it was to elevate one entry above the rest, but on this particular occasion that’s almost painfully true. I managed to get … Continue reading

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Ready, set, write! (The non-public entries)

Before I get to the (somewhat overdue) judging, I wanted to showcase the contest entries that don’t have a home of their own. Four of the 11 stories were sent to me by fantastic writers who are active elsewhere online … Continue reading

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Ready, set, write! (The entries)

As a sign of how hectic(/disorganised) my life is right now, it’s taken me two whole weeks to add this list of contest entries – apologies to everyone who’s already submitted! Here you’ll find links to all the stories that … Continue reading

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Ready, set, write! (A GBBO-themed writing contest!)

It’s competition time – and there are prizes! I had this idea just over a week ago, on a work trip to Lisbon. A café near my hotel was advertising churros for breakfast, and as soon as I saw the sandwich … Continue reading

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