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February 8th: Measuring Up (with a fab guest story by @EuclideanPoint!)

My kinks and fantasies sit on a spectrum from those I’m super-comfortable talking about in public to those that I keep a little (or a lot!) closer to my chest. That’s true for many people, I’m sure, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Scenes of a Sexual Nature (23:13-01:38)

Back in April, Livvy wrote this epic post about our first sex party. We had to wait another six months for our second, but when it did finally come along it was every bit as wild and hedonistic as we’d both hoped. … Continue reading

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On Technique

As long-time readers of this blog will know, I have a strong aversion to articles, blog posts and advice columns that talk in prescriptive terms about sex and dating, or which make sweeping, universal statements about the way we fuck. … Continue reading

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It’s two days after Christmas, and she’s getting ready to go back – back to London, back to work, and back to a cold, empty flat at the end of it. My parents’ house is neither cold nor empty; it … Continue reading

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24 hours (December edition)

Twice now, I’ve published short collections of things I’d been fantasising about over the previous 24 hours. Each post was written at a time when I was struggling to focus on longer, more structured pieces – in part because I … Continue reading

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The M&S Sandwich

I am not, by nature, a morning person, and that remains true even on days when I’m getting up to do something I love, like play hockey. In fact, early hockey matches can be a real pain. It’s not just … Continue reading

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On Facesitting

One fundamental truth about the language of sex is that some words and expressions are immediately, viscerally hot, while others are really, really not. Tell me to touch your cunt, for example, and a knot of desire somewhere in the … Continue reading

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Two Pizzas

“What happens when people open their hearts?” “They get better.” Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood ~ If there’s one thing I’ve learned about threesomes over the last few years, it’s that getting started is the most awkward bit – even when … Continue reading

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Your Fantasies (vol. 2)

It’s almost three months to the day since I published the first volume of fantasies sent to me by readers in response to this prompt – this feels like an excellent time to share the second batch of nine. Covering … Continue reading

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Protected: Money Shot

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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