On this page you’ll find links to all of the erotica I’ve written – all the pieces in the public domain, at least. The list is divided into sections, and for the completed works of fiction I’ve included a brief description of the theme(s). In the final section you’ll find posts that are broadly autobiographical, and which don’t really count as stories, but have a strong enough erotic element running through them that it feels right to include them here.

The stories are listed chronologically, so new material will be added to the bottom of each section as I write it. Enjoy!

Erotic Fiction

Erotic Fiction (published elsewhere)

  • Flat Warming (M/M, oral sex) – published in Chemical Sex, ed. Oleander Plume
  • Dark Sky (F/M, masturbation, public) – published as part of Tamsin Flowers’ 2014 Supererotica Advent Calendar
  • Strong Foundations (F/M, femdom) – guest post for Malin James
  • No Mercy, part 1 (F/M/M, oral, femsub, fingering) – guest post for Rebecca Black
  • No Mercy, part 2 (F/M/M, oral, femsub, fingering) – guest post for Rebecca Black
  • Upward Management (F/M, public sex, D/S play) – published as part of Tamsin Flowers’ 2015 Supererotica Advent Calendar

Erotic Fiction (incomplete)

Erotic ‘Faction’

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