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I’m aware that this site isn’t the easiest to navigate. Older posts get swallowed up by time, and by the new layers of literary soil that get shovelled on top of them; only rarely do they resurface.

As a result, a lot of content of which I’m really proud is essentially lost. Some of that can be accessed here, but for the essays, autobiographical pieces, and general ramblings about sex there is at present no clear route back to visibility. Until now.

Below you’ll find a(n aphabetical) list of a dozen 15 things (ish!) I’ve written over the last couple of years. I’ll update it every now and then, but in a nutshell these are some of the posts* I think are pretty good – the ones I’d be willing to hang my hat on.

I appreciate that it’s a bit of an exercise in navel-gazing, but you’re new to my blog (or you’ve just never really delved into its archives) I hope it’ll also serve as a decent place to start…

  1. 24 Hours (& reprise…& again!)
  2. Bookends (side oneside two, coda)
  3. 30 Hours in Amsterdam
  4. Fish & Chips
  5. Four Magic Words
  6. Geezers Need Excitement
  7. Hors d’oeuvre
  8. On changing my mind
  9. On hand jobs
  10. Scenes of a Sexual Nature (parts 1 & 2)
  11. On my Sexuality (parts 1, 2 & 3)
  12. Pickled Ginger (& Iris)
  13. The Library
  14. Two Pizzas (& the MMF version!)
  15. Verbal Limits

*(excluding everything listed on the Erotica page)