Sinful Stories 2: Competition Entries

This post will collate all of the entries to my second Sinful Stories writing competition, with links to all of the stories that have been published online. I’ll try to update it every day between now and the deadline (Monday 24th November); if you want to enter, and are happy for others to read your submission, please send me the link and I’ll add it below.

If you’re planning to take part, or if you’re a regular Sinful Sunday contributor, please do take the time to read some of the entries, and offer feedback where appropriate – I’m pretty sure it’ll be appreciated!

  1. I Want You, My Way, by Beck And Her Kinks
  2. Pedalling, by Juniper Three
  3. Don’t Speak, by Tamsin Flowers
  4. Your Turn, by Charlie In The Pool
  5. The Wall, by Fantastical Thought
  6. Drive, by Malin James
  7. Focus, by Ian Jade
  8. Full Moon, by HappyComeLucky
  9. Cold for July, by Charlie Powell
  10. Counting Pennies, by Maria Sibylla
  11. Dirty, by Oleander Plume
  12. GT, by Charlie Powell
  13. Heartbreak Hotel, by @mandapen
  14. Reflections and Masks, by Fantastical Thought
  15. Room 308, by Anonymous

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