February 24th: Naked Chef

With (Transylvanian!) goulash quietly bubbling away in a big ol’ casserole dish, and potatoes sitting on the side waiting to be mashed, painful splashing wasn’t much of a concern as I tended the hob this evening. Still, better safe than sorry – if you’re going to cook naked, always make sure you don an apron.



Febraury Photofest
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Eroticon 2017: Meet & Greet

Every year, I enjoy reading through all the other Meet & Greet posts in the run-up to Eroticon, and every year, I agonise, hesitate, and generally grumble about writing my own. But here we are again, and so here it is!

(P.S. If you want to know a little more about me, you can check out the Q&A posts I’ve done to mark various blogging milestones, as well as this 2016 profile piece from Fuck.com)

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

Exhibit A (and @EA_Unadorned). I’ll tell you my real name at the conference – only Tabitha Rayne gets to call me ‘Mr A’ to my face.

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February 23rd: Spreadeagle

It’s the last Throwback Thursday of this month-long photo project, and to mark that I’ve dug out one of my favourite photos from the four years I’ve been blogging. It was taken at the request of that devilishly creative genius, Oleander Plume, back when I was coming to the end of my notice period in Warsaw. To take it, I snuck into the office late at night, with only the faint noise of the cleaner’s hoover for company, and set up camp in the president’s spacious, stylish office.

The rest was pretty straightforward – and a lot of fun. I left 15 minutes later on a bit of a high, buzzing with adrenaline and incredibly horny. I think as much as anything else, I was turned on by just how filthy and seedy it felt, and with this edit I’ve tried to capture just a little bit of that mood. Let me know what you think…

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February 22nd: Grip

…though you could replace the G with a D in that photo title and it would be equally appropriate.

Whether in person or via webcam, I’ve always loved it when someone wants to watch me masturbate. Feeling their eyes on me as I slowly lose control, and opening myself up to them in that way – both are guaranteed to turn me on. This blog is called ‘Exhibit A’ for a reason…

Sometimes people who watch me wank ask to take photos, and my answer is always an enthusiastic yes. I like hearing them click away, capturing all the things that turn them on about watching, even if I sometimes scroll through the camera afterwards and am surprised by what I see.

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February 21st: Bound

While in New York last month, we popped into the Mercer Street branch of Babeland, a well-known, women-friendly sex shop that I knew well from previous trips. Liv had promised me something filthy as a late Christmas present, and after careful deliberation we left a short time later with a bag containing this little beauty, the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System.

I’ve had my eye on that piece of kit for a while, so pretty much as soon as we’d got back home and moved into our new flat, I bundled Liv into bed and had a very good time teasing, edging and fucking her, as she lay splayed out on the mattress. In fact, that’s what led to this photo from earlier in the month.

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February 20th: Redefining Sexy

After publishing this photo on Friday, and writing about the conversation that inspired it, I was both surprised and happy to receive a couple of really interesting, imaginative suggestions for future February Photo Fest posts from other people I know in the community. One came from @harleybangbang, who sent me this message the following day:

“Do the pictures need to be sexy sexy? Because I like the idea of simple, sweet images – even a picture of intertwined hands, or you kissing Livvy’s forehead. I think a stable, loving, healthy relationship is very sexy! And it’d be neat to redefine our notions of what sexy is…”

…and I couldn’t disagree with any of that! There are lots of things I find incredibly sexy about Livvy that aren’t connected in any way to her body, or to sex itself. Her energy. Her temperament. Her focus. Her optimism. Her drive and determination. Her appetite for life. Her love of the ridiculous. I could go on and on. We’re compatible in ways that I’d never been able to articulate or appreciate until I met her; that I hadn’t realised were missing from previous relationships until I found them in this one.

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February 19th: Mapplethorpe

At some point in the last year or so, Exposing 40 introduced me to the erotic photography of Robert Mapplethorpe – and I can’t thank her enough for doing so. His male nudes are authentic, erotic, occasionally crude, often explicit, and (almost) always just really fucking hot. They depict the male body as I wish more people would see it; as something beautiful in its own right, whether in repose or during a more overtly sexual moment.

Anyway, I’ve lusted after a handful of Mapplethorpe’s portraits for a while now – both in a traditional sense and as something to emulate, if possible. I recently tried to recreate the rather impressive photo posted to the right (or above, if you’re reading this on a mobile!) as a phone camera selfie, with spectacularly unsuccessful results, so when Exposing 40 suggested shooting for a different one this afternoon, I didn’t need any persuading.

You’ll find the original image (titled ‘Light Gallery Invitation’)  underneath our attempt – decide for yourself whether we did a decent job!

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