February 21st: Bound

While in New York last month, we popped into the Mercer Street branch of Babeland, a well-known, women-friendly sex shop that I knew well from previous trips. Liv had promised me something filthy as a late Christmas present, and after careful deliberation we left a short time later with a bag containing this little beauty, the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System.

I’ve had my eye on that piece of kit for a while, so pretty much as soon as we’d got back home and moved into our new flat, I bundled Liv into bed and had a very good time teasing, edging and fucking her, as she lay splayed out on the mattress. In fact, that’s what led to this photo from earlier in the month.

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February 20th: Redefining Sexy

After publishing this photo on Friday, and writing about the conversation that inspired it, I was both surprised and happy to receive a couple of really interesting, imaginative suggestions for future February Photo Fest posts from other people I know in the community. One came from @harleybangbang, who sent me this message the following day:

“Do the pictures need to be sexy sexy? Because I like the idea of simple, sweet images – even a picture of intertwined hands, or you kissing Livvy’s forehead. I think a stable, loving, healthy relationship is very sexy! And it’d be neat to redefine our notions of what sexy is…”

…and I couldn’t disagree with any of that! There are lots of things I find incredibly sexy about Livvy that aren’t connected in any way to her body, or to sex itself. Her energy. Her temperament. Her focus. Her optimism. Her drive and determination. Her appetite for life. Her love of the ridiculous. I could go on and on. We’re compatible in ways that I’d never been able to articulate or appreciate until I met her; that I hadn’t realised were missing from previous relationships until I found them in this one.

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February 19th: Mapplethorpe

At some point in the last year or so, Exposing 40 introduced me to the erotic photography of Robert Mapplethorpe – and I can’t thank her enough for doing so. His male nudes are authentic, erotic, occasionally crude, often explicit, and (almost) always just really fucking hot. They depict the male body as I wish more people would see it; as something beautiful in its own right, whether in repose or during a more overtly sexual moment.

Anyway, I’ve lusted after a handful of Mapplethorpe’s portraits for a while now – both in a traditional sense and as something to emulate, if possible. I recently tried to recreate the rather impressive photo posted to the right (or above, if you’re reading this on a mobile!) as a phone camera selfie, with spectacularly unsuccessful results, so when Exposing 40 suggested shooting for a different one this afternoon, I didn’t need any persuading.

You’ll find the original image (titled ‘Light Gallery Invitation’)  underneath our attempt – decide for yourself whether we did a decent job!

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February 18th: Scar


Can you see it? The pale line that starts at the top of my arse crack and curves up to the right, finishing three inches higher (give or take) somewhere near the base of my spine. Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. Maybe you’ve never noticed the fact that my buttocks don’t quite line up symmetrically – and why would you? It’s little thing, really. A kink in the line that runs from top to tail – nothing more, nothing less.

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February 17th: Cock

I was talking to a blogger friend this evening about February Photo Fest, and the difficulty of finding something sexy or erotic to photograph every single day for a month.

“Remember, not every post has to have some deeper meaning,” The Brunette said. “One of the reasons why I really like Livvy’s photos is that they’re often very simple. Classic. Not too much fluff behind them. So snap some pics of your cock and call it a day!”

It was great advice, and not just because it got me out of shooting something elaborate or imaginative. My friend had a follow-up request though (one of which Critique My Dick Pic may not approve…):

“I like ones where your hands aren’t visible – there’s something about the idea of your cock just standing erect on its own…”

After we finished chatting, I played around with a few different options and sent her the best of the bunch. The image below is the one she picked. Her verdict?

“It’s just straight up hot – and you can quote me on that.”

I’ll take it.

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February 16th: We-Vibe

We were out tonight at a drinks social for a London kink organisation that we’ve both written about before. It took place in an appealingly dingy bar near Old Street, and seemed like the perfect opportunity to take my Valentine’s present from Livvy for a test drive. Turns out it works very well indeed…


Febraury Photofest
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February 15th: Treasure Trail

I picture you on your knees in the tub in front of me, drenched by the hot river of soap streaming off my body. Your hair is sopping wet, but you look up at the sound of my voice and shake your head till the droplets fly all around us, spattering the wall and the steamed-up shower screen.

“Open your mouth,” I gasp, through the curtain of water covering my face. It’s that oddest of things, a muffled, echoing splash of noise, but you nod solemnly and move closer, your eyes scrunched shut and your lips parted in anticipation.

I wait, and watch your skin gleam white in the gathering mist.

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