Sinful Sunday: Strumming

A few weeks ago I supplied a photo for the Oleander Plume ‘Friday Feature’ on the Chemical Sex blog. The brief was pretty clear:

“Oleander is a rocker – it would be awesome if you could do something around that. What about you naked (naturally) but with a tie and white sports socks pretending to play rock guitar on a tennis racket? But we can see your gentleman parts through the strings…”

Never one to turn down a challenge, I dug out my squash racket, turned the stereo up to 11, and got ready to rock out, well, with my cock out.

I ended up with two photos that I thought might fit the bill, and sent both to Tabitha Rayne for approval. She picked the one that eventually made it onto the blog – “Oleander likes ’em nice and hard” was the thrust of her feedback – and that was that. Job done…

except, who should pop up as this week’s Sinful Sunday guest judge but the lovely Ms Plume herself, and with that in mind (along with the suddenly awesome performance of Chemical Sex in the Kindle Downloads chart), I immediately thought about using the other photo. It’s actually the one I prefer – it was a complete accident, but I like the way my cock ended up tucked neatly inside the curve of the Dunlop logo – and while I’ve never been a musician, sometimes it is fun just to bounce around your living room, pretending to be a rock star…even if I generally find something better to strum.

Sinful Sunday

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14 Responses to Sinful Sunday: Strumming

  1. This is a great photo, of you and your see through racket. I have one question, “How do you afford your rock ‘n roll lifestyle?” (Cake lyrics)

  2. Oh yeah! (Holding up cell phone & swaying to the rhythm.)

  3. KaziG says:

    W00t! That’s an excellent way to jam 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I prefer this one to the other on Oleander Plume’s site, actually. Maybe it’s the tease of the not-quite-erect or maybe it’s the black and white photo that does it.

  5. silverdomuk says:

    Is that a left handed guitar – I mean tennis bat? 😉

  6. Exposing40 says:

    Hahahaha! “Who should pop up as a guest judge,” almost sounds like you’re aiming to sway the vote with your swing!! Great photo, though. Much prefer this to the other, but then I’m a sucker for black and white photography. So to speak. Ahem…

  7. Molly says:

    I love the tie, it is perfectly place to lead your eye down your body and into the ‘trust’ of the image


  8. lovelustlondon says:

    Not too squashed I hope…”New balls please!”


  9. You definitely rocked out with your cock out, dude! This is a really cool version of the other shot and I am glad you shared it with us. BTW, the tie? Perfect touch.

  10. Great photo, and the tie is a sexy addition 🙂

    Rebel xox

  11. sub-Bee says:

    Ha! This is such fun and the tie is just inspired.

  12. Sweetendirty says:

    That is a very fun picture. ;P

  13. mariasibylla says:

    Fantastic! I can almost hear the guitar riff in the background. Love how your body is just off center, making for great composition. The sepia tone is a wonderful choice as well. (Who am I kidding, there is no point discussing the artistic merits of your photo when I believe we are all simply admiring your thighs, etc.)

    It is a very lovely photo, though. Well done!

  14. Tabitha says:

    Love this!!
    But you knew that already, huh?
    So good 😀 x x

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