Sinful Sunday: Summer Son

“Here comes the summer’s son
He burns my skin
I ache again
I’m over you”

I stopped going on family holidays shortly after my 17th birthday. Not because I didn’t enjoy them – on the contrary, camping in France provided some of my most treasured childhood and teenage memories – but because at some point (and much to my initial surprise), the appeal of three weeks in the house on my own overtook and outweighed that of beaches and BBQs; of packing up the car, slapping on the sunscreen, arguing with my siblings, and throwing myself fully into the joys and disasters of ‘family fun’.

The following year, aged 18, I stayed home again. I’d just finished A-Levels, and had money in my pocket from a summer job at Tesco – every day felt filled with sunshine and (largely unrealised) possibility. I slept in late, I drank my parents’ wine, and in the long, sultry evenings I danced around the living room naked, music pumping out at full volume.

One of the songs I played pretty much every night was Summer Son, by Texas. I loved its thumping, euphoric beat, and its super-sexy video, but most of all I loved Sharleen Spiteri. Even now, I love Sharleen Spiteri, but back then she was just something else. Scruffy, sexy, and breathlessly cool, she arched her back and sang about that ache – the one I hadn’t yet felt, but longed to know.

I still think about that song on hot summer days, and I still play it at full volume in my apartment – especially when I can dance around naked and feel the sun stream through the windows, onto my skin. Or just stand by the window and bask in its rays, the beads of sweat starting to gather and trickle down my body, as Sharleen’s voice arches its back and fills my ears…

(NSFW photos after the jump)

Sinful Sunday

*Quick request: if you comment on this post, please could you answer one question for me – which of these images is more sexual (not sexy), and why? Are they both sexual? Neither? One but not the other? Am writing a blog post on this topic, and would love to get some extra input!*

…and yes, ok, this final image probably doesn’t require much analysis…

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34 Responses to Sinful Sunday: Summer Son

  1. Delicious photos, all three. The most sexual of the first two is the one on the right, imo.

    xx Dee

  2. hard to answer your questions, but the most *sensual* aspect to me is the way the light hits your skin and i think the second one does that the best…

  3. I think they’re both sexual because you’re erect but the one where you are touching your penis seems more so. Probably because you are touching yourself even though we can’t really even see it.

  4. I am reading this on a phone and the one I think is more sexual is the second one where your hand is on your cock…

  5. Shalom says:

    In my humble opinion, the second photo is far more sexual than the first because of what’s to come with hand on cock. The first photo, although lovely, doesn’t begin to tell a story as the second does.

  6. Loving all three but of the first two the one where you are touching is more sexual — you’re more present and in control.

    – Amethyst

  7. A filthy H says:

    I love the feel of sun on my skin.
    I think the second one is more sexual, gives a hint of what’s there but not the whole picture.

  8. 19Syllables says:

    Both are nice, but the second is more evocative for me too. The light and skin tone is better, and the hand, well y’know @mosscaddie taught us all about that. Also in the first picture the shadow of a hook near your neck renders it less relaxed viewing for me.

  9. Lady Eiluj says:

    Lovely photos as always, I too think the second one is more sexual. We know what you’re holding but can’t quite see all. Makes the viewer want to see more……makes me want to hold it too!
    Lady E x

  10. The second one is more sexual… The way you are touching yourself and the way the light falls…

  11. silverdomuk says:

    For me, the first image, where you are standing there, not holding your cock, is the most sexual. I can’t even explain why. I don’t dislike the other two images.

  12. Exposing40 says:

    Sharleen, oh!! She was second only to Justine from Elastica as my go to woman for fantasies. For me she was the voice of summer 1994 when I spent the majority of the summer with a lesbian couple…we worked together all day and ate, drank and flirted at night. We’d all cuddle up on one tiny sofa watching TV, hands wandering, and I would later lay on the same sofa chasing sleep, listening to them fuck in the next room. One of the couple was *infatuated* with Sharleen and there were photos of her everywhere. Whenever I hear Texas or see photos I always think of that summer!

    Re your question, for me these photos are too similar for either one to be more sexual than the other and the placement of the hand/the crop doesn’t change the messages of the image. Both are shot straight on and therefore, to my mind, ask the viewer a question that is sexually charged. I think the real difference would have come if you’d changed the angle and perhaps shot one as a reflection from behind or from the side, then, regardless of whether you were semi hard/touching yourself/your cock was or wasn’t in full view, it would have felt more like an insight into a private moment than the direct proposition these angles offer.

    From a personal point of view the first shot with no hand is the hottest of all three, by a mile!

    Look forward to reading the blog! Xx

  13. Nice photos 🙂
    Definitely the second photo, the light, the way, as others have said, that we know what you’re touching but can’t quite see it. I also wonder what you’re looking at through the window. Or is someone watching you? 😉

  14. For some reason the first one is more sexual to me, even though I understand everyone else’s opinion about the second one. So it’s me and silverdomuk alone on this one. 😉

  15. Innerpenguin says:

    Three very sexy photos. I think the first two are more sexual as they hint and let your imagination kick in. The third is overtly sexual but for me and my tastes I prefer to hint at the third thus the first two do it for me 🙂

  16. All of the photos are lovely, but for me the second photo is both sexual and sensual because of what you don’t see. It seems to tell a story on it’s own. Even without the sunlight on your body, it would still have been sexual.

    Rebel xox

  17. Aja says:

    I think they’re both sexual.
    Yes, you’re holding yourself in the second but is it more sexual because of this? Could you be trying to hide from view in this one, suddenly bashful about standing in front of the window?
    There’s something about the confidence of the first one that makes it sexual to me. Or that’s the way I see it, anyway. It could be argued that it’s a perky nude portrait celebrating the human body in all its glory.
    I look forward to reading your blog post!

    • Interesting that for some the fact that the first photo is more open/explicit makes it more sexual, whereas for others the opposite is true – it’s the lack of openness in the second photo that speaks to them in that way.

  18. Twiglet at Hundred Acres says:

    The third one is almost a cheeky dare, imagine looking up at the window to see you stood erect there, holding the pose, defiant, and it’s fun.
    I think folks likes the second one as sensual because it emphasises your chest, which is usually associated with sensuality, touch, stroking, snuggling, our hands where the sun is, and your cock, hidden but held, hints at a promise.
    The first, the angles work, it’s confident but less defiant than the last one. I agree with Exposing40 too that the angles are too similar to make a fair comparison but the lighting doesn’t work, it’s not as warm or contrasted as the second… but I like the idea of your cock standing erect without help, wondering what you’d seen out of the window to make it respond so.

  19. Ah man, I loved that song, and Sharlene was a kind of guilty pleasure of mine, not in the musical sense, but because she appealed to me in a way in which I didn’t really understand.

    AS to your question, undoubtedly, for me, the image where you’re touching your cock is far more sexual than the first. I love to see a man touch himself, it induces a rather primal reaction in me. The image on the left isn’t a bad image, far from it, but it just doesn’t speak to me in the same way.

    Flip x

  20. steeledsnakecharmer says:

    I think the one where you are touching your cock is definitely more sexual. I can almost tell the story in my head of exactly what you are thinking about and who you are watching…

  21. consent = contented says:

    Like the other folks, I choose the second one – because it displays your intention, and places you into the scene as not just a body, but a person with desire. It shows not just that you’re aroused, but that you *want* to be aroused.

    It makes me think of consent – “yes means yes” – and how, just because someone’s body responds to a sexual act, their mind isn’t necessarily on board. How, during an interaction, even if a person’s body seems like it is turned on (hard/wet, etc) the person might be upset by what is going on, and that’s why checking in / consent is absolutely crucial. The reassurance that, yes, your partner wants YOU, and NOW, and they feel happy and taken care of, is very moving.

    The second image seems to communicate more of this latter feeling – that you are desirous of the desire itself – that you are on board with what’s going on, because you know that there’s a camera there, and are trusting the camera with not only your body, but your desire.

    And to me, seeing desire is sexier than seeing the body itself. (Yours is a lovely one, though, I must say.)

  22. mariasibylla says:

    These are all three stunning. The warm sun is definitely a main character and I love the way the shadows caress you in the first image. Stroking across your body, which is presented, like an offering. That aspect makes it sexual to me. ‘Here I am, yours’ it says, with your arm back, your chest forward. The second one has an almost voyeuristic feel, with your body bisected in shadow. Yes, sexual, but it’s almost more about you, possibly pleasing yourself, rather than inviting the viewer in, as I feel the first one does. Of course the third is pure invitation with the thrust of your hips and your so-hard dick. The sun creating that highlight on your glistening head reminds me of high-end food photography 🙂

    All this to say, I think the sexuality of an image, especially if it isn’t an image of the act itself, has a lot to do with the viewer and their mind set. What turns the viewer on? What does the image turn into in the viewer’s imagination?

    Can’t wait to read your post!

  23. KaziG says:

    Ah, memories!

    I consider the second more sexual as you’re actively touching yourself there. Both are sexy 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  24. I like the second one as well though for me I think it’s mostly the quality of the light – the colour tones are warmer. Though there is also much more of a sense of anticipation about that pic, as well.

  25. I think this is a question of which is more sexual, showing it all or offering a tease. This is similar to: what is more “erotic” – literary prose or more graphic stories. In my opinion, both have their value. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a slow build-up, and sometimes you want something quick and hot. Having said all that, I’m going to vote for shot number 3. 🙂

  26. Molly says:

    The second shot is sexier in my opinion but mainly because your pose looks awkward to me in the 1st one. Your hips and shoulders are not aligned and it just looks unnatural and I know you are posing for the camera, whereas in the second shot it looks more relaxed, like how we would actually see you if we walked in the room. Also in the first shot the colours of your skin and burned out highlights distract my eye so no matter what I do I find myself being constantly drawn back to the bright white of your chest. Seeing or not seeing your cock does not make a picture ‘sexy’ to me but how my eye travels the picture, the second shot is just a better image, and so the eye lingers longer and the brain gets time to ‘play’.


  27. sub-Bee says:

    Oh yes, Sharleen and I had many tender moments together!

    Gorgeous images, although the ones where you are touching yourself look so much more commanding which appeals to me instantly!

  28. Oh they are all sexual of course . . . but the right hand (excuse the pun!!!) image does it for me!
    Had to stop myself from reaching out into the screen to grasp at it too !!!
    Xxx – K

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