Christmas Erotica: The Prompts

Right, I don’t yet know exactly how this is going to work – whether I’ll create individual posts each day or just update this one – but for now consider this the OFFICIAL home of the daily prompts for the erotica meme I enthused about in puppy-like fashion last night!

The rules are simple. Each morning between now and the 25th, I will post a different Christmas song/carol/hymn somewhere on my blog (probably here). To join in on a given day, all you have to do is create a piece of erotic fiction/faction, sex writing or erotic photography, using that day’s prompt as the title. Get it sorted within 72 hours of me putting up the prompt, send me the link, and I’ll stick it up for everyone to see. It’s as easy as that!

There aren’t any length restrictions, and I have absolutely no desire to police content – just keep it legal, respect consent, and don’t be a dick. Outstanding contributions will be recognised in some way – I just haven’t yet decided what that’s going to involve! Keep checking back for further details…

For now though, here’s prompt #1, and it’s a stunner of a modern Christmas pop song, first released by The Pretenders in 1983.

Where are you going to take it though? Long-distance love? Impulsive festive break? Santa on a really big sleigh ride?  Either way, let’s all agree on one thing…Chrissie Hynde, FTW…

Have at it!

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9 Responses to Christmas Erotica: The Prompts

  1. Pretenders 2000 miles… Proclaimers 500 miles… Was a bit confused at first wondering when 500 Miles became a christmas song. Maybe it’s time I go to sleep.

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