Sinful Sunday: Afterglow

I love those few minutes of dreamy, light-headed bliss, post-orgasm. I don’t mean the immediate aftermath, when my heart’s still racing and I’m a whirling mess – a deep pool of pure euphoria – though to be clear, I fucking love that bit too. I’m talking about the feeling I get when my breathing has returned to normal, but my body is still swimming with endorphins; when all I want to do is stretch out and let them flow through me.

It’s in those moments that I’m truly aware of my own happiness, and even as reality fades back in, I feel the lingering stamp of that rare, active contentment. It blocks off all anxiety, self-doubt and pain, so I cling to it greedily for as long as I can; because honestly, who would ever want to let it go?

Sinful Sunday
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20 Responses to Sinful Sunday: Afterglow

  1. your photo embodies the title…

  2. Lady Eiluj says:

    Wow! What a stunning photo, the focus is great. All about the recovering cock with the rest of you in a hazy distance. Love the hint of cum …..
    The swimming in endorphins is a wonder blissed out peace, my favourite too
    Lady E x

  3. Great image 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Kaye Quinn says:

    Simply beautiful!

  5. Tabitha says:

    Ooo lovely laguid – you can feel the oxytocin haze… x x
    Bit of a post orgasmic theme going on this week 😉

  6. Velvet Rose says:

    Brilliantly executed image and the words embody the image so well!

    Velvet x

  7. Exposing40 says:

    You do the languid afterglow so very well and all my favourite photos of you are ones like this. This captures you perfectly and your words add great depth to the image perfectly. Good work! xxx

  8. eye says:

    Gorgeous image. Langorous and limpid.

  9. Love that feeling, love the image 🙂

  10. becknoire says:

    I had to scroll back up and take a second look. So glad I did. I missed the cum dipping down your pubes.

  11. Afterglow is awesome – and you’ve captured it perfectly with this image. I can actually feel the ‘let go’. Jane xxx

  12. mariasibylla says:

    This is lovely! All the details are absolutely perfect and your words are spot on (for me anyway). I always feel like a cat in a patch of sunshine during those moments. I want to stretch, then snuggle and just drift.

  13. Oh, that’s great! Beuatiful photo.

  14. L says:

    This photo makes me want to lie down on bed too. Beautiful!

  15. Wonderful image and really captures that ‘spent’, blissful feeling.

  16. sub-Bee says:

    You’ve captured that blissful afterglow feeling so well.

  17. Molly says:

    What a great shot indeed. I love the little trail of cum and how your hair is stuck to the dampness of your skin. Like others have said I think you captured that moment, that feeling, perfectly


  18. Penny says:

    Yes, I love that feeling too!

  19. Twigs says:

    Really like this. It really conveys the relaxed sentiment you discuss. Brilliant focus.

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